Our School

Coroglen School is a small country school with two classrooms recently transformed into a flexible learning area, a multi–purpose room/library, swimming pool, field and adventure playground. Also in the school grounds is the “Gumtown Room” which is the original school room and well over 100 years old. It has been gifted to the community and is administered by the BOT.

The school first opened on May 20th 1896 when Coroglen was called Gumtown and was populated by Kauri loggers, gum diggers, service providers and early settlers. We usually celebrate the school’s birthday each year with a dress-up day or other fun event. We are anticipating a bigger celebration for the school’s 125th Jubilee when all of the Covid19 restrictions allow. Today the area is mainly a farming community, with many small holdings and life-style blocks surrounding the Waiwawa and Rangihau awa.

Some of our school families travel from Mercury Bay to give their children a small country school education. We enjoy a friendly rivalry with neighbouring Whenuakite School, competing each year for the Combined Schools Athletics Shield and sharing other sporting and cultural events.

Each spring we have a Pet Day. The traditional cake stall, sausage sizzle and white elephant stalls are always popular. Ribbons and prizes are awarded for rearing and leading farm animals (lambs, calves and kids), for other pets, for pet projects and a cup is presented for the ‘Most Obvious Pet

Our motto “FROM THE LAND OUR STRENGTH” is a reflection of our desire to be a sustainable enterprise. We encourage and model recycling, reducing and reusing. The children tend vegetable gardens and we also compost.

Our vision is to work with the community to develop lifelong learners, who display confidence, curiosity, consideration and creativity and capability – the 5 Cs. We call our students ‘The Coroglen Cool Kids’ and believe that is who they are.

We are apart of the Ka Ora Ka ako- Healthy School Lunches programme and have healthy school lunches delivered to school daily with a very big thanks to New World Whitianga. We also hold breakfast club on Friday mornings with costs and delivery covered by Countdown Whitianga.


Rangihau – Years 0 – 4
Waiwawa – Years 5 – 8


Principal/Kahui Ako School Leader– Jean Saunders
Teachers – Jenny Upsall & Ischelle Stevenson
Clerical Assistant – Lisa Peehikuru
Librarian – Julia Rhodes
Cleaner – Jessie Lockhart

Board of Trustees

Chairperson – Stevie Corcoran and Lisa Gearon
Principal – Jean Saunders
Staff Representative – Jessie Lockhart
Parent Representative - Liticia Davies


New entrant children can begin school on their fifth birthday. However, it is advisable to contact the school beforehand to arrange enrolment. On enrolment day you may contact the principal, who will welcome you to the school and ensure that details about parents and children are recorded. You will need to bring your child's NZ birth certificate or passport with you in order to verify the birth date and immunisation records where available. Every care will be taken to ensure your child's introduction to school will be as smooth and pleasurable as possible.

Children are not able to be enrolled before their fifth birthday. However, it is advisable to familiarise them beforehand and you are encouraged to do so. School visits can be arranged through the principal and/or teachers.

School Donation

There are no school fees but we do ask for a contribution towards paying for lawn mowing and some grounds maintenance. This is $30 per child per year with a maximum of $60 per family. Working bees are also held from time to time and your help is greatly appreciated.

School Hours

Monday - Friday
School Begins 9.00 am
Morning Break 11 am - 11.30 am
Lunch Break 12.40 pm - 1.30 pm
School Closes 3.00 pm

Please ensure children are collected from school by 3.30pm unless by prior arrangement. After school play is not supervised by staff.

School Bus

There is one school bus operating;

MORNING – The bus collects the secondary school children from the Coroglen area and meets the MBAS bus at the corner of Mill Creek Rd and S.H. 25 (8.15am), which has collected our Mill Creek Rd pupils. The bus then travels S.H. 25 to Rangihau Rd to drop children at school, at approximately 8.30am.

AFTERNOON – The bus leaves school at 3.10pm and travels along S.H. 25 to Mill Creek Rd, dropping children off as it goes. At Mill Creek Rd (3.30pm) it meets the MBAS bus and the Mill Creek children transfer. After turning around at Mill Creek Rd, the bus returns to Upton's gate, dropping off secondary pupils.

WEDNESDAY AFTERNOONS – Due to the the short day at MBAS, our bus does not run and the Mercury Bay bus does the whole route. After delivering the secondary students it collects our children and leaves Coroglen School at about 3.20pm and travels north to Whitianga. The bus does not return to Coroglen and Mill Creek Road children need to be collected from the end of the road at around 3.40pm.

Parents are not able to use the school bus. Children who do not usually use the bus may only do so with prior written arrangement and at the discretion of the bus company. Children leaving the bus at a stop other than their usual one should likewise have a note from a parent.


In the event of absences, school should be notified by 8.55am as we are obliged to investigate any unexplained absences for the safety of your children. Regular attendance and punctual arrival at school to enable classes to begin promptly, will maximise your child’s learning opportunities.

Use of the School Phone

Pupils are not permitted to use the school phone without staff permission. The best time to telephone the school is outside of class time – before school 8.30am - 8.55am, during morning interval 10.30 am - 11.10am, during the lunch break 12.50pm – 1.30pm, or you can leave a message or text message Jean on 027 289 0507. The skool loop app can also be used to report absences.

Cell Phones

It is school policy that if you require your child to have a cell phone at school, that it remains switched off and in their bag during the day. Being in a rural area we acknowledge that children may need a phone for emergency situations, changes to travel plans etc. We do not accept responsibility for loss or damage to any expensive items children choose to bring to school.

Please inform staff if your child has a phone and discuss these conditions with your child so that they are not getting mixed messages.

Bought School Lunches

Lunches are available by placing orders before school on Thursdays only. The lunches are ordered from the Coroglen Tavern, a price list is included in this pack. The correct change and a written order on an old envelope is appreciated.

Breakfast Club

Breakfast club is held before school on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for anyone who wishes to participate. This is sponsored by Countdown. More parent help with this would be appreciated.

Stationery, Photocopying & Laminating

The school operates a stationery store from which the children may purchase their necessary supplies. Credit will be given and accounts forwarded monthly (if there is anything owing). The school photocopying service is available to the public at a cost of 20c per copy, and laminating at $1 for A4 size, $2 for A3 size. Please try to come outside of class hours.

Yummy Sticker Collections

Collect Yummy stickers and tokens from bags of Yummy apples for your school's share of $200,000 FREE DG Sport Gear. In summer other fruit have these Yummy stickers too, when your sheet is full bring it to school and get another one. A collection sheet is also included in this pack.

Library, Computers & Internet

This is a valuable resource and the children visit the library frequently for changing books, browsing, research and publishing work. Books are issued for a fortnight and must be returned by the due date. Lost or damaged books should be either replaced or paid for. Children have access to online games and websites only with teacher supervision and are trained to close and report any inappropriate material they encounter. While the network is screened no system is foolproof. All students are required to sign a ICT / Cyber Safety agreement. We continue to update the technology available in class and are currently using desktop computers, iPads, Chromebooks and Smart TVs.

Scholastic Book Club

The children are given leaflets about books which they can buy through the school. The school gains bonus points from these sales and is able to purchase books from Scholastic for the Library.


All clothing needs to be named. There are no rules governing types of clothing to be worn at school other than common sense.
Clothing should be:

  • Neat and clean
  • Suitable for the weather
  • Hats must be worn during term 1 & 4. (There are school hats available).
  • Appropriate for normal school activities, especially sport and PE.
  • Unsafe jewellery must be removed eg: dangly or large earrings and rings.
  • Year 7 & 8 need covered shoes when attending technology classes at MBAS.
  • Nail polish is discouraged and nails should be kept trimmed and clean.
  • Hair should be brushed regularly to discourage head lice. Long hair should be tied up.

Lost Property

Lost property is kept in a box in the sick bay. It is displayed at assemblies frequently. Children and parents are welcome to check for missing items. Named property is returned to the owner. Unclaimed property is sent to the opportunity shop at the end of the year.


At present Miss Upsall is the music teacher. All children learn ukulele in small ability groups on Friday mornings. Jenny is also able to give guitar and recorder lessons.

School Uniform

While the school does not have a uniform as such, our colours are blue and yellow. School t-shirts are issued for sports meetings. We ask that they are laundered and returned after use. Coroglen School hats are available and laundered regularly. They may wear their own hat if they prefer.

Swimming and Pool

All children are expected to swim as it is part of the school curriculum. If you do not wish your child to swim due to sickness, please contact the school by phone or note. The pool is solar heated. The swimming pool is available for family use out of school hours in the summer season. Adult supervision is required at all times. Pool keys are available at $25 for the season.


Year 7 and 8 children travel by bus to Mercury Bay Area School each Friday. This enables the children to use the facilities needed for woodwork, sewing, cooking, metalwork, electronics, computer skills and design technology.

Students leave school around 9.30 am and return by 12.20pm. Murphy’s Buses allow the children to eat lunch on the return journey. No yoghurt and no tuck shop food, all rubbish must be taken away.

School Newsletter

These come home to families via the youngest family member at school. They are published every Wednesday but it is wise to check with the children each day. Please let Lisa know if you would like to receive the newsletter by email.


Each child will be issued with a book bag which is sent home daily. Please hear your child read and return the book(s) in the book bag each day. These bags are to be used for the children's library book and journals also.

Year 5-8 students are expected to read each night for 15 minutes from library books or journals. They have spelling words to learn each week. They have math homework each week, which is due on Fridays. They will also need to complete work and do research or preparation for class studies from time to time. Each child presents a current event item weekly and researches a quiz question.

School Trips and Outings

At enrolment we ask that care-givers sign a blanket permission form for local school trips (Whitianga to Tairua and local beaches). We will always notify you of any trip that will involve your child/ren but this stops us having to chase individual permission slips for every child.

Overnight camps and trips going further afield will still require your written permission being given. In general, we discourage preschoolers on trips as this reduces your ability to help with supervision and the learning focus of the activity.

First Aid

First Aid requirements are kept in the staff room. Teachers will treat for minor first aid. Only staff members are permitted to handle materials and administer first aid. Paracetamol may not be administered unless parental consent has been obtained first. If an emergency arises requiring a visit to the doctor and a parent cannot be contacted, then the named emergency contact will be called. As a last resort an ambulance may be called. Please ensure that contact details remain current. At least one staff member holds a current first aid certificate.

Dental Therapist

All dental appointments come to parents from the Dental Clinic at Mercury Bay Area School. 

Vision Problems

We use a vision screening tool called Penny the Pirate to help do basic checks for your child’s vision, and the Vision Hearing testing service come to the school annually.

Health and Safety

Health and safety hazard checks are performed every term and a hazard register kept. If you become aware of a hazard within the school grounds please notify the staff immediately. The driveway has been identified as a high risk area. Please encourage your children to use the pedestrian access ways at all times.

Medical Problems

Please ensure the class teacher knows of any medical problems your child has e.g. allergies, stings, heart murmurs, asthma, etc. If your child has medication for stings or emergencies, please send it to school in a named bottle and update it regularly and ensure you have signed the agreement for staff to administer medication if necessary.

Head Lice & Infectious Diseases

Unfortunately outbreaks occur from time to time. If you discover your child is infected please notify the school immediately and a note will be sent home advising all parents to check their children. Occasionally we have asked the Public Health Nurses to check heads for lice when there is an ongoing problem. Usually it is the parents’ responsibility to check their children's hair or arrange for someone to check it. Encourage your children to let you know if their scalp is itchy. Nits love a nice clean head and easily move from one host to another, carrying passengers is certainly not an indication of a lack of cleanliness.

Impetigo or school sores and scabies are also highly infectious and do occur from time to time. Please be vigilant and treat any of these conditions promptly. Staff, health nurses or your pharmacist will all be happy to offer advice if you are unsure.

Further Information

If you would like further information or wish to visit the school please ring to arrange a time convenient for all.