Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Newsletter, 2011 term 3, week 2

Bike Safety Course

There will be a bike safety course beginning on Thursday for all students from Year 1 to 6.

Children will need to have their bikes and safety gear at school for the next four Thursdays.


The girls played Coromandel 6 this week. The Red Panthers started well but Coromandel 6 won this week.

Player of the Day -Hannah

Best & Fairest -Katie

Don't forget practice this week on Thursday. No game this Saturday.

Please bring the photo envelopes & money on Thursday. Mary

Sparkz Netball Team - Year 6/7

Congratulations! You all played you best against Manaia with a win 17/7.

Player of the Day :Grace Wharton

Fair Play :Stephanie LeFebvre

See you on Thursday after school for practice.

Thought for the day

Be Positive with your thoughts

For your thoughts become your words.

Be Positive with your words

For your words become your actions.

Be Positive with your actions

For your actions become your habits.

Be Positive with your habits

For your habits become your character.

Be Positive with your character

For your character becomes your destiny

Author unknown

Auguste Rodin 1902-1904

Louisville, KY,United States


Pet day will be on Tuesday the 4th of October. This is the last week of term 3. I know some children who are already getting to know their calves. We will be canvassing the children in the next few weeks to get an idea of what pets we will have for pet day. This is our major school fundraiser and showcases our great little school to our wider community.

School Field

Last weekend Saturday soccer was played at our school. I have had very positive feedback about our school from families who were here.

Website of the Week

In case you hadn’t heard New Zealand is hosting the Rugby World Cup this year and we will be doing some activities about the cup and the countries that are competing.

Have a great week.

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