Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Newsletter, term 3, week 3

Coroglen School Newsletter
Term 3 Number 2
Wednesday 7th August 2013

Hello / Kia Ora

Pet Day Planning – Saturday 21 September 10am – 3pm.
Is anyone able to donate wood for our annual firewood raffle?
This year we want the person running a stall or activity to be responsible for the organisation, set up, prizes etc. of their chosen activity to help spread the workload out, so it’s not just a few people organising everything.
At the moment we need people to run
-       Food stall
-       Gumboot toss
-       Horse shoe throw
-       Raffles
-       Needle in the haystack
-       Coconut shy
Please indicate your chosen activity on the slip at the end of the newsletter and return to the school.

Maths Challenge – All the senior room children are registered for the ASB New Zealand Maths Challenge on 21-22 August 2013 and have received their ID and password to access this at home with the opportunity to win prizes and appear on the Challenge Hall of Fame. They are racing against other people around the world in preparation for two days of competition. It’s about having fun while improving in maths, and our children love it. www.nzmathschallenge.co.nz

Cross Country - Next week we have the school cross country on Tuesday. We will require
transport to Whenuakite School, and will leave the school by 10.30am. Please fill out the transport slip at the end of this newsletter.
Races will take place from 11am to about 12.30pm. We will walk the courses first at 11am then when that is done, the first race begins.

Assemble 11am
Walk courses 11.15am - 11.30am
Begin races 11.30 -
Finish- 12.30 - 1.00pm (approx)
Order of the races
1. 12 & 13 year old boys
2. 12 & 13 year old girls
3. 11 year old boys
4. 11 year old girls
5. 10 year old boys
6. 10 year old girls
7. 9 year old boys
8. 9 year old girls
9. 8 year old boys (and any championship 7 year olds)
10. 8 year old girls (and any championship 7 year olds)
11. Pre schoolers
12. Year 3 boys
13. Year 3 girls
14. Year 2 boys
15. Year 2 girls
16. Year 0 & 1 boys
17. Year 0 & 1 girls

Junior Hut Builders – Some of our junior class children worked together during morning tea recently and built a hut in the back field. Pictured are Sean Smith, Awa Illingworth, Riley-Jean Macdonald, Mason Campbell,  Zoe Jordan, Mateo Niclas, Myah Hales, Hinekirunga Haddon-Webster, Marama Illingworth & Jessica Jordan.

If anyone has these containers in their pantry, could you please send them to school when they are empty. They are the perfect size for a soap project Lisa is doing.

Lambs for pet day – If you know of anyone who may have lambs available for pet day, please let the school know as we have some children who would like to rear a lamb this year.

Soap making – Lisa from Soap+ came to school last week to show the senior room children how to make olive oil soap from scratch – known as castile soap. It was an interesting process watching the chemical process known as saponification (soap formation) begins. The soap is now curing, and will be ready for Pet Day.

                                           Trinity McQueen carefully weights out the olive oil.

We started by mixing the oil & lye together until it traced.

It is called trace because when you run a spoon across the top of the mix it leaves a trace behind.

                                                       Then we added lemongrass essential oil.

                                            And poured the saponified mix into our silicon moulds. 

                                            Two days later they were ready to press out to dry.

Bridge Holdup We are looking for this year’s “outlaws” to be part of the great Coroglen School Bridge hold up. This is a few weeks away on the 13th of September.

Pet Day Raffle This is always a favourite with people. Have a look in your cupboards and see if you have any cans or jars that could be part of our raffle. We will be looking for packet items closer to Pet Day.

Netball Finals Riley Jean’s team have made the finals of the netball. They are playing the final this afternoon at the new sports grounds at Moewai Park. If you are in town your support would be appreciated. Well done getting to the finals. J


Coroglen School Pet Day Gala
I am able/unable to help on Pet Day.
I would like to be involved with the (please circle your preferred choice)
-       Food stall
-       Gumboot toss
-       Horse shoe throw
-       Raffles
-       Needle in the haystack
-       Coconut shy

Name: ______________________

Contact number: ______________


Cross Country Transport Slip
I am able/unable to provide transport to Whenuakite School on Tuesday 20 August for _____ other children plus my own child/ren.

I understand I need to be at Coroglen School by 10.30am.

Name: ______________________

Signed: ______________________

Enjoy your week
Penny and the team

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