Thursday, October 23, 2014

newsletter, Term 4, Week 1

Hello / Kia Ora

Welcome back to Term 4
Term 4 is always a busy term with lots of events and after school activities so we hope everyone is well rested after the school holidays.

We welcome Jed Jackson to our senior room. We hope you enjoy our friendly country school.

Pet Day 2014
Plans are well underway for this year’s Pet Day this Saturday. There are a few things that need to be sent to the school this week.

Pet Dairies
Pet dairies for both the junior and senior rooms need to be handed in by tomorrow for judging.

Firewood Raffle
We are looking for someone to donate a trailer load of firewood for the firewood raffle. If you can supply some firewood, please ring Amy on 866 3134.

Grocery Raffle
Please send along your grocery items for the grocery hamper this week. We need them at the school by this Friday.

Cake Stall
Your homemade cakes need to be dropped off in the cake tent on Saturday morning. This year we are running a Cake Walk instead of a Cake Stall.

Needle in the Haystack
We need someone to volunteer to organise the Needle in the Haystack. We have the prizes, but need someone to get the hay for it, and man the event. Please ring Amy on 866 3134 for more information.

Ukulele performance
Can children please bring along their ukuleles on Saturday morning for the musical performance?  The children have been working on their songs to be ready to perform in front of the community.

White Elephant
Please send only quality items for our White Elephant Stall. These can be dropped off at the school this week, or on Saturday.

Art Exhibition
The junior room have been working on their masterpieces which will be exhibited on Saturday at Pet Day and sold in the Silent Art Auction.

Pet Day Meeting
Reminder that the final Pet Day meeting is tomorrow at 3pm at the school to finalize everything.

Jump Rope 4 Heart
Could those children who have not already returned their sponsorship forms and envelopes, please return them this week. All forms are to be returned, filled in or blank.

Mercury Bay Cricket Club
Mercury Bay Cricket Club is offering after school sessions on Fridays for Year 1 to Year 8 children to learn to play cricket. If your child/ren is/are interested in playing cricket, you can pick up a registrations form from the school. Cost is $20 per child and commences Friday 31st October 2014 from 3.30pm to 4.30pm.

Senior Room Camp
We are finalizing details about the Senior Camp to Waitomo. This will be either one or two nights with some wonderful challenging experiences for those who go. I have been corresponding with the Education Officer of the Waitomo Caves planning this trip with more information to come in the next week.

Term 4 lunches
This term Pub Lunches will be on a Thursday. Sushi will be available on Tuesdays with an order form going home later Thursday. Orders need to be returned to school by Friday for the following Tuesday’s lunch.

This term playgroup will meet on Thursday afternoons from 12.30pm. Come along, everyone is welcome.

Mercury Bay Club Performance
We have been discovered and invited to be part of the community talent show at the Mercury Bay Club late in November for three evenings. We are the first or second act to allow children to go home at a reasonable hour. This is a marvellous opportunity for our children to perform in front of a wider community audience. This is a commitment for three performances and we need to know if your child/ren will be taking part.

Senior Room Acrostic Poems
The children were asked to include similes

Super noisy
Talks a lot
Every day new hair style
Long time BFF
Loopy about animals
Annoying all the time as do I

Friendly to everyone like a lost rabbit
Really weird like me
Interesting like a mirror screaming your reflection
Eats a lot of food
Never boring, she is as bouncy as a kangaroo
Driven like a car on an open road.
By Thea

Working with people
It is fun, colourful, pretty yummy
Learning about plants
Dusty as a cloud
Exciting as if going to a party
Right there as if it follows me
Loud as an elephant
As sweet as a flower
Nice as a lolly in your mouth
Dancing with people at parties
By Sashka

Birthday on Monday 13th October
It is my sister
Really pretty
Tiny as a dog
High levels of cute
Day that’s special
As cute as a kitten
You will think she is cute
By Hayley

We have received funding for extra staffing for term 4, and Amy Hodge has joined the staff on a fixed term basis for the rest of the year J

Have a fabulous week,  Penny and the Team

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