Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Newsletter - Term 1 Number 7

Hello, Kia Ora

We held a successful earthquake drill last week. We had discussed with the children what to do in the event of an earthquake and most responded quickly and sensibly. Fire and earthquake drills and evacuation procedures are regularly practised at school. It would be timely to talk with children about evacuation at home and a safe meeting place, if you haven’t already done so.

Cell phones: It is school policy that if you require your child to have a cell phone at school, that it remains switched off and in their bag during the day. Being in a rural area we acknowledge that children may need a phone for emergency situations, changes to travel plans etc. We do not accept responsibility for loss or damage to any expensive items children choose to bring to school. Please inform staff if your child has a phone and discuss these conditions with your child so that they are not getting mixed messages.

A busy week this week: BOT and Fundraising meetings after school today. We also have three children in Thames today at the Thames Valley swimming sports, good luck to Tia, James and Nikau; we hope you have enjoyed your day. Thanks to the parents for transporting and supporting the swimmers.

Swimming Carnival: This will be at 1.35pm on this Friday 18th March. There will be demonstrations of the children’s water skills, synchronised swimming displays and some fun races. The Senior and Junior Swimming cups will be presented. The pool will continue to be open and the children swimming next week depending on the weather. At the moment the water is still warm thanks to the solar heating.

Life Education Trust: The LET mobile classroom will be here next Monday and Tuesday. The children all get to visit the classroom and will be covering the health unit “It’s Great To Be Me”. They will be looking at self-esteem, setting goals, building relationships etc.

Disco: A fundraiser for MBAS Year 12 student Chelsea Johnson’s Youth to Everest trip in April.
Wear your best disco outfit to the Whitianga Town Hall Friday 18th March
Years 1 – 4 from 4pm to 6pm.
Years 5 – 8 from 6.30pm to 8.30pm
$3 entry
Sausage in bread $1, drinks $1, lollies 50c.
Any queries to Sandi & Gary 8663589

Day Camp: Forms for day camp are available here at school. Registrations close 25th March. This is for children 6 – 13 years and teen leaders 14 – 17 years. It is being held at the Morcom’s property at Cook’s Beach this year.

Please start to collect natural materials for raft making. The miniature rafts will be sold at the Easter fun day and raced down the Waiwawa River. The owner of the winning raft and the builder receive a prize.

Our thanks go to the Bristow family and all the children who have resisted their grapes this summer. We have again received a lovely box full of ripe grapes to share.

Have a safe and happy week