Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Newsletter - Term 1 Number 10

PARENT INTERVIEWS – We have almost finished our summative assessments – (a snapshot of where the students are by formal testing). We use this data to inform our planning along with many other markers to their progress and understanding.

We will have interviews on Thursday of next week the 14th of April, beginning at 3.15 pm. Please complete the form at the bottom of the newsletter. It will be a case of first in first served for time slots. Senior students are welcome to be a part of this process.

FUNDRAISING – There will be a meeting of the fundraising team on Friday the 8th April at 3pm.

GROCERY RAFFLE – Our thanks to those who have sent along items for the raffle. We still need more groceries for this raffle. It is a good chance to clear out your pantry and discover some hidden gems. I know I have.

BOT MEETING – There will be a BOT meeting on Wednesday the 13th of April. All are welcome.

SPELLING BEE – This event is this Saturday, the 9th of March. Registration is at 10.30, with proceedings beginning at 11am. Best wishes to James, Stephanie and Corban, who will carry the flag for Coroglen School.

RAFT BUILDING DAY – This will be on Friday the 8th of March at 9 am. All materials must be biodegradable as the rafts are not recovered and become part of the ecosystem.

SUSTAINABLE COASTLINES – We had an interesting day yesterday with Riley from ‘Sustainable Coastlines’. He gave a talk about the importance of keeping manmade waste off our beaches and out of our seas. We then went to Hot Water Beach and were amazed at the range and amount of rubbish we were able to collect. Thanks you to all the intrepid helpers who battled some chilling rain, freezing winds and finally bright sunshine. As we were driving in to school the rain began again in earnest. We did have only a window of opportunity.

WORK - I have the privilege of reading some great writing from the students at Coroglen School and I have published some at the end of this newsletter.

SPORTS NOTICE – Mercury Bay fifth grade beat Thames in Thames by 24 -12. Angus Arthur was player of the day.

Mercury Bay sixth grade beat Te Aroha 34 -15. Chance Haddon was back of the day and Liam McQueen was forward of the day. Congratulations to both teams.

On a personal note I would like thank everyone for their help and support when Mum was so sick. The Board were very understanding allowing me the time I needed. I also would like to acknowledge Jean for stepping seamlessly into the job and keeping my seat warm. I have also appreciated your kind words of condolence. Two people have commented in the last couple of days about what a special place this is and I tautoko this.

Ka kite ano

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