Sunday, April 17, 2011

In luscious forests

New life comes to feel the breeze

Of the cold season

Liam McQueen

Crystal clear water

Swishing happily

Slashing in the air

Small splashes, huge splashes

Water is everywhere

Antonio Rupeti Anderson

There once was a grumpy lion

Who met a hunter called Ryan

They went to the gym

And ate some shark fins

Soon they were both quickly flyin’

By Corban

In her coop a lazy chicken

Bought an ice cream and got licken

She licked all night

And ate vegemite

Until she heard her neck click’en

By James

A quiet dog did like to jog

Until he did step in a bog

It went to his head

Until he was dead

And it ends in the lonely fog

By Nikau

There was a cat named Paradise

Who really liked fluffy white mice

She caught a brown mouse

Inside of the house

And found some great big fluffy dice

By Hope

One day a ladybug sat under a tree.

Waiting for her friend Buzzy Bee.

They wanted some fun.

Before the day was done.

But no fun was there to be seen!

By Stephanie

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