Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Newsletter–Term 2 Number 3

Hello, Kia Ora

Emergency Closure – Yesterday we had an emergency at school and we had to evacuate the buildings. I called the Whitianga Fire Station and was advised to ring 111. The problem was with a fluorescent light switch which was slowly melting down. On further advice from the Fire service it was decided to send the children home rather than go back inside where there was still a strong burning plastic type smell.

PHONE TREE- The phone tree got its first real test this year. I have attached an updated list with some instructions. Could you please return your phone tree and add any current cell phone information – this includes range and availability.


It was a “smoke free day” but no one had told the fluorescent light at Coroglen School ….

The senior room was blanketed in smoke and it was hard to breathe.

“Oh no!!!” everyone thought fearing that the School would light up and burn to the ground. It was not a nice thought. The alarm going off after morning tea was not unpredictable with the senior room resembling a foggy morning.

Abandoning the classroom for the court we waited for the fire truck to arrive. It felt like we were waiting in a war zone and the senior room was a time bomb ticking away, ready to go up in flames.

The fire truck arriving was a bit of a relief. Miss Upsall did not forget our four legged friend either, and after arriving back from Whenuakite, she dashed in and rescued Comet.

….We walked sensibly outside just as we had practiced. It was quiet, there was not a sound. The teachers called the roll and everyone was present. About twenty minutes later the Fire trucks arrived. The Firefighters had all their gear on. They found the problem was a smoldering switch.

…. The electricians came and replaced the light and checked the switchboard.

Well done everyone. By Corban and Tia with some ideas from others’ work.

Westpac Challenge – Congratulations! Our little school has raised $2107.30 for the Westpac Helicopter Appeal. That is $60.21 per child. The “winning school” will be notified around the 7th of June. I feel that we are winners already because of the enthusiasm and generosity shown by the school community. From selling chillies and limes to busking and baking everyone is a winner.

Stationery Accounts – I have attached stationery accounts to this newsletter. Please pay these as soon as possible. Thanks. Julia

Sparkz Netball Team - Year 6/7

Well done for making the most of a slight mix up with our game on Saturday, Sparkz played two short games instead of one! The first game was a match against MBAS Magic team, a year 7/8 team, a challenging game, well done for scoring a great goal Hope! Great support from all the team.

The second game was against MBAS Swifts. Congratulations to you all on the draw, it was wonderful to see you trying hard to keep the ball. The final score was 1/1.

Player of the Day: Grace Wharton

See you at the courts on Thursday at 3.15pm for practice, please let management know if you cannot attend practice.

8th Grade Rugby

The Mercury Bay 8th grade rugby team had a wonderful game against Thames last Saturday.  While they did lose 25 to 30 it was a well fought game and so close.  Well done to the Coroglen boys as Carter Hodge received the award for Best and Fairest player of the day and Khan Simpson received the award for Top Effort of the day.  Their next game is June 11th at home against Paeroa.

9th Grade Rugby

The Mercury Bay 9th grade rugby team had a fabulous game against Waihi winning 65 to 15, awesome effort.  Player of the day went to another Coroglen boy, Jerome Melde, congratulations!

Ripper Rugby

The Whenuakite/Coroglen ripper rugby team had another win against Mercury Bay.  Well done Tyrese and Danyl!

Student Achievement

Last BOT meeting I reported to the BOT on our Progress and Achievement Test results. We were pleased with these results which have our students trending above average. Well done everyone!!!!



These tests are standardized across New Zealand. The stanines relate to the percentile- i.e. 1, 2, 3- needs support; 4, 5, 6- average; 7, 8, 9- above average - extension.

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