Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Newsletter, 2012 term 1, week 1

Welcome We have begun the year well and everybody as grown over the holidays, Special welcome to Myah Hales who is five and has joined the Junior Room.

2012 Term Dates

Term 1


Tuesday 31 January to Thursday 5th April.

Easter falls in the holidays

Term 2


Monday 23rd April to Friday 29 June.

Wednesday 21st April is ANZAC Day; Friday 1st June is a staff development day so school is closed. (same as MBAS); Monday 4th June is Queen’s Birthday holiday. i.e. a four day weekend– Friday—Monday.

Term 3

10 wks

Monday 16 July—Friday 28 September

Term 4

9 weeks and 1 day

Monday 15 October to Monday 17 December.

Thursday 18th October Pet Day (to be confirmed)

Labour Day is 22/10.

Tues Jan 31

First Day of Term 1

Friday 3 Feb

Technology for Y7&8 at MBAS


Monday 6 Feb.

Waitangi Day—school closed

Tuesday 28th Feb

Country Schools’ Central Swimming Sports—MBAS (Y4-8)

Postponement 29/2

Monday 12/3

Peninsula Central Swimming

selection MBAS –

Wed 14/3

Year 7&8 vaccinations

Tues 20/3

Cross the River Swim Y7&8(postponement 22/3)

Wed 21/3

Thames Valley Swimming


Tues 29/3

Life Education Trust Caravan 26th and 27th March

Thurs 5/4

Term 1 finishes

Year 7 & 8 Technology - starts this Friday. Year 7&8 children will travel to MBAS at 9.15am and return to Coroglen by about 1pm.

ABSENCES: Please notify the school before if children are absent.

Phone (8663850), fax (8663 859) or answer phone are convenient ways to communicate with school

outside normal hours.

Bus Message from Murphy Buses

Hi all, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and relaxing holiday and are all refreshed and ready for the new school year.

With the start of the new year, we thought it timely to request you to remind all of your students catching the school bus to and from school that no Skateboards, Rip-sticks, Scooters etc. are to be carried on the bus.

Any object that may fly through the air, down the aisle or trip somebody up is dangerous, simply put;

The Golden Rule is: If it doesn’t fit in their school bag, it won’t be allowed on the bus.

Anything that is outside these guidelines that is required as part of the school curriculum must have prior written consent from the Murphy Buses Thames office.

Thanks in advance for your help on this and I look forward to talking to you through the year.

Kind regards

Joe Mellow
Operations Manager
Murphy Buses
Thames Office

Sun safe Term 1Hat wearing is compulsory when outside, during Terms 1 and 4. Hats need to be able to effectively protect faces, ears and necks from harmful sun rays.

Free Ear Clinic for children will be in Whitianga on Thursday 21st March at Town Centre Car park from 8.30am to 12.30pm.

Swimming – Sylvia is offering swimming lessons again beginning after school on Wednesday the 8th of February. The cost is $6 per lesson.

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