Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Newsletter, 2012 term 1, week 3


  Charity Trail Bike RideWhat a fabulous event in the most difficult conditions – I have it on very good authority that the organisation was amazing and the best burgers on the Peninsula were produced on the hill that day. The rain came down and the intrepid riders kept coming – Shame on those who turned around and missed an amazing opportunity to have fun in the mud – We used to call in “Mud Plugging” in the MG Car Club. Thanks to the organisers and many helpers who assisted with this event.

More pictures below: Riley Jean, Tyrese, Caitlyn, Tane, Danyl

Bike Wise Whitianga

10am-1pm Sunday 26 February 2012 Experience the fun and freedom on two wheels during February with Bike Wise month. New Zealanders are encouraged to ditch their cars and 'Go by Bike' instead. Get peddling with the local Bike Wise events in your neighbourhood…don’t forget the helmet.

Country Schools Swimming Sports– for Years 4-8 are on Tuesday 28 February at MBAS. The Swimming Sports will be held at Mercury Bay Area School – Westpac Trust Pool – on Tuesday 28th February. Postponement Day to be confirmed.

Start time is 10am. Finish by 2pm

Programme - will follow the Thames Valley sports programme that will be held at Thames on March 21st. Ages - Age as at 1 January 2012. Children keen to compete for places in the Peninsula Central Cluster team (Coroglen, TeRerenga,

MBAS, Whenuakite) will swim in the championship competition and those competing in the country schools events will swim in standard events.

Children can enter in both categories but they cannot swim in the same event in both categories. Everyone should have at least 3 or 4 races plus several free swims.

Championship swimmers cannot swim in 25m and 50m events of the same stroke. They need to choose between 25m and 50m carefully

We will choose the 3 fastest championship swimmers in each race and in week 5 they will have a swim off with the 3 fastest MBAS swimmers. (Monday 12/3). The first 2 fastest swimmers will then represent the Peninsula Central Team at Thames. Non swimmers need a genuine medical / health reason for not participating and will be excused from school on the day.

Children need swimming gear, hats, sun block, food and drink. (the tuck shop is open but there are often queues ).

Adults may like to bring seats to sit on, sun umbrellas, sun shelter.

Helpers may be called upon to help with judging etc.

Cars providing transport will depart from school at 9.15am and return children to school by 3pm if they are catching a bus. Cars that park over entrances or driveways outside MBAS may be removed or towed away. Please complete the permission/transport slip at the end of this newsletter.

Sustainable Coastlines - Beach Clean Up

Last year we had a rewarding, windy time at Hot Water Beach taking part in the “Beach Clean-up”. We uncovered and disposed of an amazing array of debris. This year the clean-up crew will be at school on Monday 27th of February and after a short presentation – briefing, we will be going to Hot Water Beach at 9.30 to see if we can beat last year’s effort. Please complete the permission/transport slip at the end of this newsletter.

For more information, contact Lisa Ju07 867 102627 4945 600

Health – We have had some reported cases of impetigo (school sores) at school. These must be seen by a nurse or doctor and will usually require antibiotics. Any scratches or insect bites are prime targets for these bugs. Children should stay away until the medicine is working and any sores must be covered.

clip_image006I have also noticed some children with itchy heads. Please check your child’s hair and treat any head lice before sending your child to school. It is a good idea to have long hair tied back to prevent transmission of head lice as well as making things easier in the pool when swimming.



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