Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Newsletter Term 1, No 3

Wednesday 20th February 2013

Hello / Kia ora

Pre-season turnout for Mercury Bay Junior Rugby. We would like to thank everyone who turned up for our pre-season rugby. It was an awesome day. Our next one is on Sunday 3rd March 2013, at the Clubrooms, from 4pm-6pm. Please bring water bottles, hopefully our mouth guards will be here by then and rugby boots.

Mercury Bay Junior Rugby AGM. The Mercury Bay Junior Rugby is having an AGM, on Tuesday 26th February 2013, at 6pm, at the Clubrooms. Please contact Teremoana Johansen (Secretary) 869 5578 or 021 129 4626 or email me at johansen02@xtra.co.nz if you can make it.

The Incredible Years parent programme (for parents of 3-8 year olds) will start on Thursday 21st February at Whitianga Social Services Centre, 2 Cook Drive from 9.30am to 12 noon. To register or for further information please contact Christine Thomassen on 866 4476.

Paid Union Meeting for Primary Teachers will be on Wednesday 13th March at 1.30pm. Please arrange for your child/children to be picked up from the school at 12.30pm. We will let you know what time the school bus will leave school on this day.

Technology Fees for Y7 & Y8 are now payable to Coroglen School. This covers material costs for the entire year. Fees are Y7 $38 and Y8 $45.

Lawns donations for 2013 are also due. This covers the mowing of the school field etc. throughout the year. $30 for one child at the school, $60 for two or more children.

Charity Trail Ride 2013 – Sunday 10 March. We still need volunteers to help set up on Saturday 9 March, as well as help with the Marshals, Parking and Catering. Please remember this is a major fundraiser for our school, and will be lots of fun!

Pupils in the junior room observe the Monarch Butterfly as part of their study on insects and their life cycle.

Don’t forget to check out the Facebook site 
Coroglen Charity Horse Trek.

Curriculum - This year our targets are around whole school writing (English) and place value (Maths). In the senior room we are writing every day. On Tuesday the students were asked to write for 15-20 minutes on a time when they felt brave. Some students found this challenging and they were told they could write about a time they would have to be brave. They came up with some amazing ideas. I especially liked Khan’s writing about a parachute jump.


I felt brave when I went sky diving. It felt like I left my tum behind me. I felt the cold breeze going on my face, a whistle in my ear. All I could taste was cold fresh air rushing in to my mouth. I opened my eyes and the cars looked like ants. It was a nice birds’ eye view. I felt the warmth of the sun beaming on my back. I felt like I had my head out the window of a speeding train. I pulled my parachute I was pulled up as my parachute opened. Then I waited while I drifted to the ground.

                               Written by Khan Simpson Hibbert

Have a great week.

Ka kite ano
Penny Anderson and the team. 

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