Tuesday, June 18, 2013

In training for Winter Sports

We have begun training for our Winter Sports. Children need to bring suitable footwear to school every day, as they are required for some of the sports we are practicing.
The Winter Sports are for our Years 4-8 and are on Wednesday 3rd July at Whenuakite School. There will be 18 teams playing 5-7 aside games in netball, ripper rugby, football (soccer), uni-hockey, and inside games. From 10am to 2pm there will be rounds of about 26 minutes each and each team will play five very competitive games against equally matched teams (mainly Year 4, 5 & 6, and 7 & 8). The competition will be intense because points are collected after each game. There are overall winners in each section, but never by much.
It does not matter whether the teams come from a big school or small
school, have boys or girls, or play club sports or not. Any team can win on the day. Team work is the secret weapon plus a bit of luck.

If there are any keen parents willing to come along to school and help coach our children in these sports, please let the school know. A big thanks to Kerrie Strang who has been coming on a Wednesday to train the children in Netball. The children really enjoy these afternoons.

The children enjoy playing uni-hockey in their morning break today.

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