Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Newsletter, Term 2, No 6

Coroglen School Newsletter

Term 2 Number 6
Wednesday 12th June 2013

Hello / Kia Ora

Gecko – Last week we had a visit by Herpetological Society member Mr. Doug Ashby and his geckos. Most of the children were brave enough to handle these amazing creatures.  If you spot the Coromandel striped gecko, as pictured, can you please take a photo and note when and where you spotted them, and email the information to Doug at dj.ashby@xtra.co.nz

Matariki – is the Maori name of the Pleiades star cluster, otherwise known as the Seven Sisters. The rise of the stars marks the start of winter and the traditional Maori New Year. To celebrate this occasion the children engaged in a kite flying afternoon as a symbol of lifting their vision skywards.    

Planting – We also planted the junior gardens with garlic, spinach and parsley. The year 8s also got to plant a tree each, down the drive.

Relief teacher – There will be a very experienced reliever, Miss Dianne Gaenge in the school over the next few weeks while I am away dealing with a minor medical matter.  Jean Saunders will be acting principal in my absence.

Tree Planting – with the Hot Water Beach Tree Committee will be next Thursday 20th June. This is a whole school event. We will need people to assist with supervision and transport, please complete and return the form at the bottom of the newsletter.

BOT Meeting – The meeting of the new board will be on Monday the 17th of June at 3.15 pm.

Kind regards
Penny and the Team.



I can provide transport to Hot Water Beach on Thursday 20th June, and can

take ______ others as well as my own child/ren.

I cannot provide transport to Hot Water Beach on Thursday 20th June.

Name ____________________________

Signed ___________________________

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