Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Newsletter, Term 2, week 5

Coroglen School Newsletter

Term 2 Number 5
Wednesday 5th June 2013

Hello / Kia Ora
Garage Sale – Thank you for your donations and baking for the Coroglen School garage sale held last weekend in town. The fundraising committee raised $376.40.

Senior Olive Trip – The senior room children enjoyed picking olives at Ian and Jan Hollister’s Olive Grove last week. They then took them to Thames to be pressed into olive oil by Stratt Peters. Thank you to all the parents who helped out with transport and supervision. Watch this space to see what we do with the olive oil.


Teachers only day - This was very worthwhile for the teachers. Our main focus was writing our local maths curriculum document. We also looked at a consequences of behaviour plan. Thank you for your support in enabling us to have this day for staff development together. It is great to be able to have quality time together and focus on completing some important jobs that need to be done.
Life Education Trust – Visited us yesterday and today. Your children will come home with things to discuss.


Kind regards
Penny and the Team.

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