Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Newsletter, Term 4, Week 7

Coroglen School Newsletter
Term 4 Number 7
Wednesday 27th November 2013

Hello / Kia Ora

We welcome our new entrant, 5 year old Ridge Ngataua who joined our Junior room last week.

Walk through Christmas – to help organise supervision for next Monday please let the school know if your child will not be participating in the Walk Through Christmas. We have enough transport for all but any other parents wishing to attend will be very welcome.  We will be leaving the school by 11am.

School Staffing – Our wonderful junior teacher Mrs Saunders has won a Teachers’ Study award for 2014. She will be away from March till early November. We have had many teachers wanting to join our school to relieve in this position. On Monday I met with a BOT representative and we have appointed Mrs Katarina Lee to this fixed term position. Congratulations Jean.

Square milk/yoghurt cartons – Please save your square milk/yoghurt cartons for a craft project in the Junior room.

 BOT News—We will lose one of our valued BOT members at the end of the year so will need to appoint a new member to our Board.

Nikki Colville has been involved in the BOT for 6 years and we will be sad to see her leave our school as Hannah moves onto MBAS for her secondary education. We have valued her wise council over the years. Thank You

If you are planning to be involved in the governance of the school, now could be your opportunity to begin to find out more. Please speak to a BOT member if you are interested in joining the Board at some stage.

Year 8s – can those year 8s moving on the MBAS who have not yet returned their enrolment forms, please complete and return to the school office this week.

Jack Lockhart has been nominated for Junior Sportsperson of the year. The winner will be announced on Thursday the 28th of November. Watch this space.
Jack and Timu in 2010 with their boats

Thames Valley Athletics:
Congratulations to Khan, Ben and Tyrese who competed very well in the Thames Valley Athletics on Monday25th November. Khan did particularly well achieving a silver medal (2nd) in the shot put event. He is eligible to attend the next level of competition. Ben and Tyrese were both in the long jump and did well. In the trials to go to Thames Valley Tyrese jumped further than the first placed jumper at the meeting. Some names to look out for in the future.

If you have any pictures of our recent Athletics Sports please send these along to school. Thank you.

Important dates coming up:

Mon 16 Dec  Clean up day
Mon 16 Dec  End of year concert,                        Leavers evening
Tue 17 Dec   Picnic day TBA
Thurs 30 Jan 2014 Start back date

Enjoy your week
Penny and the team

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