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Newsletter, Term 1, wk 6

Coroglen School Newsletter
Term 1 Number 6
Wednesday 12th March 2014

Hello / Kia Ora

Principal update - Penny and Antonio have returned home while awaiting results of the tests. We do not expect Penny to return to school this term. Penny would like to thank everyone who have sent cards and flowers. She was very touched.
Pat will be with us until Penny returns.

Thames Valley Swimming – Good luck to our swimmers who are attending the Thames Valley Swimming next Tuesday 18th March. We wish you all the best Carter Hodge, Antonio Anderson, Ben Smith and Jerome Melde.

Coroglen Swimming Carnival - this Thursday 13th March from 1pm. All parents and grandparents are welcome to come along and watch our children perform skills they have learnt this season.

Consultation Forms – Thanks to the families who have returned the consultation forms. These will be tabled at the next BOT meeting.

Tag Knockout TournamentCongratulations to both Coroglen tag teams who played hard and had a fun day of rugby last Saturday.  Well done to the Coro-Babes, who after just beating Coro-Glen by one try in the knock out round, just lost to the Jackman team in the Shield final receiving a silver ribbon in doing so. Congratulations also to Caitlyn and Tia for winning player of the day prizes.  A special thanks to Teresa Kereopa for organising our teams throughout the season, and to the parents for all of their support.  It has been a lot of fun, great exercise and a
wonderful community event.  A huge thanks to Don and Nikki for organizing the
tournament.  For such a small school it was great to have two teams filled with past and present students playing each week.  Looking forward to playing again in the spring!  Cheers Amy

Music Opportunity – We have been invited to attend “The Nukes” ukulele workshop on Friday 11th April at MBAS. It is an incredible opportunity to work with professional musicians and find out all of their little tricks. They will work with the students for the whole of Friday, and will return on Saturday afternoon for a dress rehearsal, and then be part of a public performance in the MBAS school hall on Saturday night.
The cost of the workshop is $40. Registrations will not be taken after the 20th March. If you are interested please ask Jenny Upsall for a registration form.
In order to get the most from this event, those attending will need to have a good grasp of basic chords (C. G7, G, F, Am, Dm) and a willingness to work hard. A pack of material will be sent out upon registration.

Guitar Lessons – start next week for those students interested. The course includes a series of workshops on DVD where the students can work individually at their own pace, and be able to do it at home. These DVDs are collaboration between Steve Keernz and Gibson Guitar. Please register your child’s interest. There may be a small charge to cover the cost of the blank CD.

Stationery Accounts – are attached to this newsletter.

5th and 6th Grade Rugby - Rugby training will start this Thursday at 4 pm at MBAS as the 1st XV (Girls) are using the rugby grounds in town.
After this, trainings will be 4pm Tuesday and Thursday at this stage, at the rugby grounds (Club rooms).  BOTH 5th grade and 6th grade will train together until the season starts.  We still need some more players for both grades so put your feelers out!!  Don

MB JUNIOR RUGBY WEIGH IN-  Anyone interested in playing rugby this year for the MB junior rugby club must come to the OFFICIAL WEIGH IN next Tuesday, March 18th from 5-6 pm at the rugby club to register and weigh in.  Any new players including ripper (which is any child 6 years and under) will also need to register and weigh in, as well as bring a copy of their birth certificate please.  If you have any questions please feel free to call Tere on 869-5578.

Fundraising Committee – meeting is on Thursday after the Swimming Carnival. New parents are welcome.

Coroglen Charity Horse Trek – fundraiser is on Saturday 29th March. If you are interested in helping on the day to serve the food, please ring Amy on 866 3134, or come along to the fundraising meeting on Thursday after the Swimming Carnival.


Guitar Lessons

My child /ren…………………………

………………………………. are interested in registering for guitar lessons.

Signed …………………………………………….

Date   ………………………….

Whenuakite Soccer or Rippa
Whenuakite School is looking for players for the season.  Any age.  If interested please contact Leanne Litherland ph 8663172.

Mercury Bay Day Camp
Information is attached.  Registration forms are available at school.

Senior Room Notes from Pat
At present we are completing our beginning of year testing on the children.  I am also taking the children for Literacy, Art and Technology when time allows.  For Technology we are doing Boat Building.  The children are planning their boats and finding their own materials.  The boats will be made at school and need to move-ie sail, motor, rubber band etc.  Any questions feel free to ask.  Some children have already brought their materials to school. 

Mathletics is up and running.  Information is attached to this newsletter for Years 3-8.

 Have a fantastic week
Pat and the team

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