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Newsletter, Term 1, wk 7

Coroglen School Newsletter
Term 1 Number 7
Wednesday 19th March 2014

Hello / Kia Ora

New junior room teacher – Welcome to Mrs Katarina Lee who returns to our school until November to relieve Mrs Jean Saunders while she is on study leave. Most of the children will remember Mrs Lee as Miss Brink who has relieved at our school the last few years.

We also welcome Caelen Gubb to the junior room.

Thames Valley Swimming – Good luck to our swimmers who are attending the Thames Valley Swimming on Friday 21st March. We wish you all the best Carter Hodge, Antonio Anderson, Ben Smith and Jerome Melde.

Coroglen Triathlon – Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who came along to watch our children compete in the Coroglen School Triathlon last week.
Congratulations to Carter Hodge who won the senior swimming cup, and to Awa Illingworth who won the junior swimming cup as pictured.

It was great to see everyone enjoying the event, and to see the older children encouraging the younger children as they competed.
A few short videos of the races have been uploaded to the website if you were unable to be there and would like to watch your child compete please go to

Coroglen Charity Horse Trek - The Coroglen horse trek is not far off now - Saturday, March 29th up Mill Creek Road on the Macdonald’s beautiful farm.  Thanks to those who came to the fundraising meeting and offered their help with food or help with lunch on the day, the more the merrier.  We know how busy everyone is but we would love help with providing the lunch in any way you are able as obviously the less we have to buy the more profit there is for the school.  Can you make your favourite salad, some muffins, a quiche, a cake or even if you have extra fruit at your place?  Or if you happen to have a spare roast that you don’t mind cooking or have some extra smoked fish or anything like that we would really appreciate it.  We had such wonderful feedback on our lunch last year so let’s all do a little bit to make for another fantastic feast.  Please call me on 866-3134 and let me know how you can help.  Thanks heaps Amy

Junior Surf Club Champs this coming SATURDAY 22 March – Registrations from 9.15am to 9.45am at the usual section opposite the HWB shop. Events to start at 10am ending with prize giving approximately between 2 & 3 pm.
Bring lots to eat and drink for your kids as there will be time between some of their events to re-fuel them down on the beach. We won’t be stopping for food breaks.
Mercury Bay Day Camp – You must pre register before April 4th.  Registration forms are available at school.

School Sores –are doing the rounds again. Impetigo is caused by bacteria and can occur even when the skin is kept clean: it is not a sign of poor parenting. It can occur on healthy skin but it often happens when the skin has already been damaged by a scratch, bite or condition such as eczema. It is highly contagious so please keep any sores covered and if you suspect your child has impetigo, please seek treatment from your doctor.

Mercury Bay Council and the Mercury Bay Community Board are looking for passionate community members who are interested in becoming part of a working committee for the development of the site of the (old) Coroglen sale yard land.    Anyone is welcome to attend - we are meeting at the Coroglen Tavern - Wednesday 2 April at 6.30pm.

Senior Room Notes from Pat and Jenny
Well finally most of the children have begun their Boat Building project.  This will happen on Tuesdays and Thursdays after Written Language and Reading.  Art is Wednesdays.
We only have a small amount of testing to complete and then you are welcome to come and see us about your child’s results.  By next Monday all Senior children should have spelling to learn in their homework books.  Note from Jenny attached.

Thought of the Week
We were given two ends-one to sit on and one to think with.  Success depends on which one we use the most.

 Have a fantastic week
Pat and the team

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