Thursday, August 14, 2014

Newsletter, Term 3, Wk 4

Hello / Kia Ora
Everything about the computer fascinates most children. If you would like a safe and exciting way they might explore the online world take a look at Hectors World.
Children can learn and play in the magical undersea world of Silicon Deep with Hector and his friends. Hector’s World gives young ones a great start to life online, teaching them online safety by way of games and stories. Teachers and caregivers can use its wealth of quality resources to support children’s learning.
The Ministry of Education is working on redeveloping its website and improving its online information. They have made a start with their new education portal   the goal of the website is to provide a central place to give you information and answers to commonly asked questions so you feel well equipped to engage in your children’s education.

Yummy Sticker Promotion
Our school has been collecting yummy stickers from Yummy apples all year. There is a new Sticker collection Sheet attached if you have filled up your last one. We have another seven weeks of collecting before we need to send the sheets in, so get your yummy apples, and don’t forget to save the stickers on them so we can exchange them for sports gear.

Jump Rope
Once again Coroglen School students are jumping rope for heart towards the end of the term. Since 1985 the programme has helped 2.4 million children hop, skip and jump their way to heart healthy bodies.

Agri Sea
Agri Sea is kindly donating bottles of their product for calves and lambs. If you would like a bottle for your calf/lamb, please let us know. Agri Sea Animal Nutrition bolsters the immune system and prevents a variety of health problems directly related to nutritional deficiency. It provides a boost and increases resistance and recovery during times of metabolic stress.

Stationery Accounts
Please find attached your stationery accounts for August. These can be paid in instalments if your account is quite high.

Cross Country
We had a fantastic day yesterday at Whenuakite with the cross country. All the children did their best so they are all winners, and winners are grinners.
Coroglen place-getters for each age group who are entitled to go to the Peninsula Run are Leon & Tyrese Melde, Riley-Jean Macdonald, Sashka Highway, Awa Illingworth (8 years and under), Jerome Melde (10 years),  Ben Smith, Antonio Rupeti-Anderson, Khan Simpson-Hibbert (12+ years). A special mention must go to Oliver Highway who came first in his race. However because he is only six years old, is too young to participate in the Peninsula Run. We have some great runners in our school. Well done to everyone who participated!

Awa, Riley-Jean and Sasha were pictured sitting in the Friendship Seat at morning tea on Tuesday.

Kind regards

 Penny and the Team

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