Thursday, August 20, 2015

Newsletter, Term 3, Wk 5

Hello / Kia Ora

Our Stories Sharing Day
Thank you to all the parents who came to see the students’ presentations at our sharing afternoon last Thursday about Our Place and the history of our area. This was particularly poignant with the 175th anniversary sinking of the Buffalo.

In the next week, the children will be making harekeke bowls and fish to complete Our Places learning.

The Bays Best
This is for the senior children only. Rehearsals will be held in the Town Hall this Saturday 22nd August from 2pm – 2.45pm. Please meet outside the Town Hall at 1.45pm - Justine

Pet Day
Your child should now be thinking about getting their pet animals organised. Agrisea have generously sent us bottles of Animal Health Tonic which are fantastic to give your calf or lamb a healthy start. If you would like to have a bottle, they can be collected from the school.

Rotorua Camp
As we have only had one response about our request for the level of interest in the senior room camp to Rotorua, it is unlikely we will go ahead this year unless the slip at the end of this newsletter is returned by this Friday. If we do not have a good response we are looking at postponing this trip till next year to give parents time to save up for camp fees.

 Phone Tree List
We have attached an updated phone tree list. Please let the school know if you have changed any of the contact details. This phone tree list is used when we need to get a message out to families. Please remember to ring the person under your contact name and pass on the message. This saves one person spending hours on the phone ringing everyone on the list.

Briar Ward from Project Energize taught the children in the junior room Poi Toa yesterday. Maori use to play Poi Toa to help increase their hand eye co-ordination skills and also to strengthen their wrists in preparation for battle.

Give-a-little for Kyla Ngarimu
Ex Coroglen School pupil Kyla Ngarimu was rushed to hospital on the 12th of August. She has been diagnosed with a form of teenage cancer. Currently she is responding well to treatment but it is going to be a long haul. With one or both parents at her bedside at all times work is going to be a struggle and the bills will not stop coming!!

Her mum Kelly is a teacher at Coromandel Area School and has also worked at Coroglen, Whenuakite and MBAS. She is great with her pupils and they all love her (ask your kids they will know her). She has also done BOT work and fundraising work in the community. Her dad Pete works at TLC, is a keen hunter and has helped a lot in the local community. He is well known by everyone as a friendly face.

If you would like to donate please go to
PLEASE do not post this on Whiti chitchat or Whiti buy sell swap as Kyla is a member and Kelly & Pete don’t want her to see it on Facebook.

We all hope Kyla starts to feel better and the treatment speeds up her recovery.


My child/ren will be coming to the Rotorua camp in November.

I will/will not be able to attend this camp.

I have attached my $50 deposit

Signed: ____________________________________________

Have a wonderful week
Penny and the team

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