Thursday, October 15, 2015

Newsletter, Term 4, Wk 1

Hello / Kia Ora

Pet Day

We had a spectacular turnout for Pet Day this year with beautiful weather and a fantastic crowd including Midget the roaming turkey.

Results: Juniors: Other Pets: 1st= Anahera Haddon-Webster with Roxy, Jasper Sims with Midnight; 2nd Hinekirunga Haddon-Webster with Meya; 3rd Caelen Gubb with Budgie. Leading: Lambs: 1st Lily Monrad with Butterscotch; 2nd= Marika Macdonald with Daisy, Aria Macdonald with George. Rearing: Lambs, kids or calves: 1st Lily Monrad with Butterscotch, 2nd= Marama Illingworth with Stella, Marika Macdonald with Daisy, 3rd= Aria Macdonald with George, Meg Harper with Coco.
Seniors: Other Pets: 1st Jerome Melde with his rabbits, 2nd Tyrese Melde with his chickens, 3rd= Hayley Cullen-Winstone with her crabs, Myah Hales with Thumper the rabbit; Leading: Lambs: 1st Stormi-Lee Whitford with Malcom; Calves: 1st Bianca Harsant-Sowter with Snowy, 2nd Riley-Jean Macdonald with Milo, 3rd= Stella McQueen with Honey, Sophia-Marie Barakat Adlam with Murray. Rearing: Lamb or calf: 1st Riley-Jean Macdonald with Milo, 2nd= Stormi-Lee Whitford with Malcom, Sophia-Marie Barakat Adlam with Murray, 3rd Bianca Harsant-Sowter with Snowy. Pet Diaries: Junior: 1st Marika Macdonald, 2nd= Jasper Sims, Hinekirunga Haddon-Webster, 3rd Anahera Haddon-Webster. Middle: 1st Tyrese Melde, 2nd Riley-Jean Macdonald, 3rd Leon Melde. Senior: 1st Caitlyn Hodge, 2nd Bianca Harsant-Sowter, 3rd= Jerome Meld, Hayley Cullen-Winstone. Most Obvious Pet: Stormi Whitford with Malcom.

The raffle winners were: Grocery raffle: Arthur Attfield, Unichem basket: Jean Saunders, MB basket: Jessica Lockhart, Meat raffle: Te Paea, Scratchies: Clive & Julie Moyle, Kids box: Ken Adlam, All Blacks shirt & Gumboots: Jessica Lockhart, Adventure pack: Rachael Saunders, Calf feeder: Michelle Harper.

Kylie made $473.70 on her stall, the buskers made $27.40, Stormi at the tattoo stall made $56.40 and Caitlyn, Tyrese and Riley-Jean made $13.50 from their bracelet stall. The Fundraising Committee made $3,286.68 so Pet Day raised a total of $3,857.68.

Thank you to our sponsors who helped make this day a wonderful success. Leighton Howarth-O’Conner – RD1 delivery, AgriSea, Placemakers, Countdown, MB Informer, Whitianga Sports Centre, New World, Ken Adlam, Snapper Jacks, MB Pharmacy, Tango’s, Blackjack Surf, MB Meats, The Warehouse, Pinky’s, Sunny’s, Combat Zone, The Glasshouse, Umino Hoshi, MB Cinemas, Stiletto’s, Tides CafĂ©, French Fig, Wairakau Horse Treks, Cathedral Cove Kayaks.

Bridge Hold-Up
The Fundraising Committee have confirmed they banked $2,338.30 from the Bridge Hold-Up. That is a fantastic amount raised in a couple of hours by six super mums and one fab dad!!

The senior class will be taking part in the World Education Games which take place across 13-15th October. More than 5 million students from 200 countries will register for the games this year. They are an exciting online challenge open to all our school’s students who will be going up against students from all around the world.

Athletics Day
All children will need to wear appropriate gear to train in every day, leading up to Athletics Day on Wednesday 4th November, at Coroglen School. The Peninsula Central selection is Tuesday 10th November and Thames Valley Athletics is 23rd November for those children who qualify.

Senior Rotorua Trip
The Senior Rotorua Trip has been booked for Monday 23rd November; back Thursday 26th November as previously notified in the last newsletter of term 3. A detailed newsletter will be coming home this week for the senior students. If you haven’t already paid your $50 deposit, please do so this week. For those who prefer to internet bank our bank account details are Coroglen School Board of Trustees 03-1578-0036880-00. Please put your child’s name in the reference section.

Lucky Book
Attached is the latest Lucky Book Brochure. Deadline for orders in next Wednesday 21st October.

Thank You
We would also like to thank our Pet Day judges – Howard Saunders, Luther Hare and Charmaine Clow. Brilliant job guys!

Have a fantastic week - Penny and the team

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