Thursday, March 24, 2016

Newsletter, Term 1, Wk 8

Hello / Kia Ora

School Swim Carnival
Please come along from 1pm tomorrow to see the children display their swimming skills. Children will need an extra towel. We will also draw the Easter Basket raffle.
If too wet postponed to Friday 1st April –will send text in the morning.

BOT Parent Survey
Our deadline for the Parent Survey is tomorrow as well, so if you haven’t already filled out the survey, please do so and bring it back to school when you come for the Swim Carnival. What we really want to know is – What do we do well? And what could we do better? The set of wicker drawers at the front door is still there for parents to drop their completed surveys into. There are extra copies on top of the wicker drawers if parents want to fill out a survey on Thursday.

Easter Basket Raffle
All money and extra tickets should have been returned to school by now. The draw will take place after the school swim carnival, so please make sure all tickets are included in the draw.

Easter Break
School is closed Good Friday (25th March), Easter Monday (28th March) and Easter Tuesday (29th March). We will see everyone again on Wednesday.

Teacher Only Day
School will be closed on Monday 11th April for a Teacher Only Day. Our teachers will be joining 60 other teachers and educators for Professional Development focused on Maths.

Charity Horse Trek
As you are all aware, the weather was too wet for the horse trek which has now been postponed until Saturday 2nd April. We will still need your assistance contributing baking towards the lunch to keep our expenses down. If you are able to bake a cake or biscuits or have fresh fruit available, please send any to school on Friday 1st April.

Whenuakite School is looking for any expressions of interest for children of all ages especially 11-12 year olds wanting to play soccer during Terms 2 & 3 on Tuesday/Wednesday afternoons children. Please ring Jeni on 869 5308 ASAP if you are interested.

A huge thank you to Countdown for sending along a basket full of library books. Our avid readers are very grateful for the extra books.

Also a BIG thank you to the Whitianga Pig Hunting Club for their generous donation of $1,500!!!

Thank you to the Academy Sponsors who supply our school with homework books for each child in our school.

…and to the families who have sent fruit to school over the past few weeks…. The Bristow family for the grapes and the Cocker family for the apples.

120 year Anniversary
If any of you have come up with a fantastic idea to celebrate our 120 year anniversary please let us know. So far suggestions have included a dance, a sports day or open day at school. It would be great to have a team to begin to plan ahead for the 125th Jubilee, including looking at ways to fund-raise to repair, paint and up-grade the Gumtown Room.

Head lice and Impetigo
We have another outbreak of head lice in the school. Please make sure to check your child/rens heads. Some children may have impetigo. This needs to be treated and covered with an antibiotic cream.

Lost Property
Tomorrow will be a good opportunity to check and collect any lost property. We will have all clothing out, so please don’t forget to check it out.


Jenny is keen to hear feed-back regarding the trip from parents and to gauge interest for a further challenge later in the year.

There will be NO newsletter next week due to the short school week.

Have a wonderful week and enjoy the Easter break, Jean and the team.

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