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Newsletter, Term 3, Week 1

Hello / Kia Ora

We hoped you all enjoyed your holidays and are ready and looking forward to the next 9 weeks.

Term Dates 2016 Term 3 ends 3pm on Friday 23rd September
Term 4 starts 9am on Monday 10th October
Term 4 ends 3pm on Friday 16th December
(Please find Term 3 planner attached.)

Term Dates 2017
Term 1 starts Wednesday 1st February
Term 1 ends 3pm Thursday 13 April
Term 2 starts 9am Monday 1st May
Term 2 ends 3pm Friday 7th July
Term 3 starts 9am Monday 24th July
Term 3 ends 3pm Friday 29th September
Term 4 starts 9am Monday 16th October
Term 4 ends 3pm Tuesday 19 December

Cross Country       
Daily training for the Cross Country has commenced. Children require suitable clothing every day. We are recording the distances the children have run and marking the total on the map of New Zealand. We are already to Matamata 140km! The goal is Stewart Island. The Cross Country will be held at Whenuakite School on Tuesday 16th August. There are about 30 of the blue school t-shirts missing. Please check drawers and laundry baskets for them so that we have enough to give out. Transport slip and information will come home closer to the date.

Kindling needed
We are very low on kindling for the fires. We are asking for each family to bring a bag of kindling to school so we are able to get our fires going. If children can collect and bring in.a bag of pine cones it would be appreciated.

You should have received reports yesterday. Our apologies for not being able to get them sent out at the end of last term but the service man was unable to get through to fix the photo copier due to the flooding on the last day of term 2. He came in during the school holidays and so we were able to get the reports printed ready to go out yesterday. We have simplified the mid-year report and would be interested to hear any feed-back you have in regard to them. We will be using the report as a starting point for discussions with parents.

Parent Teacher Interviews
Parent/Teacher/Student interviews will be held on Monday 8th August. This will be a Teacher only Day, so all the teachers can spend time with you and your child discussing their achievement and goals. If there is a particular time throughout the day starting from 9am, please let us know by filling in the slip at the end of the newsletter. We will be going into the evening to accommodate those parents who work, and if need be continuing after school during the week. We feel it is important to be able to speak with every whanau and will be allocating at least 20 minutes for each discussion.

Recently Wheuakite principal, Jamie Marsden, had this to say about National Standards and student achievement, which I am re-printing here with his permission. I think he has made some excellent comments.

National Standards—Again! We have to do this twice yearly report, in plain English about achievement, as measured against the National Standards.

National Standards are NATIONAL Standards. They have the status, importance, mana, credibility and backing of powerful politicians, highly qualified academics, the Ministry of Education, The Education Review Office, many schools , teachers and principals, and many proud parents, plus children who are At or Above the National Standard.
So what does a child do or a parent do if they are feeling the negative stigma of ‘ being Below the Standard’. This is a stigma or label that could be hard for many children to shrug off.
An integral aspect of National Standards is that if you can meet the National Standards you will pass NCEA Level 2 (Literacy and Numeracy) and you are more likely to achieve success in life than someone who fails to meet this standard.
This is the stigma that you must never let
children believe. There is no evidence to prove it correct and there is lots of
research and evidence about more reliable
indicators of future success.

A little book by Paul Trough, titled ‘How Children Succeed’, lists 7 character traits which are the best group of indicators I have come across. If your child hasn’t yet made the grade with National Standards , have a look at these and as you grind away at the Reading, Writing or Maths with your children, know that these character traits are what are really important for future success.
If your children are winners with National
Standards, check these out too, because they are what will make the difference.

7 Character Traits Children Need to Develop to Optimise Success.

Grit—persistence, resilience and
determination to keep trying, to fail, make mistakes but never give up. Never use boredom as an excuse.

Self Control— able to make good choices, to think before acting, to delay instant gratification and to control impulsivity. To self manage and be responsible and independent.

Zest—to have a sense of humour, to have excitement and passion, to be able to laugh at yourself.

Emotional Intelligence– to be able ot get along with others, to overcome set-backs, to deal with conflicts, embarrassment or hurt. To empathise and understand another viewpoint.

Gratitude– to have a sense of appreciation and thankfulness about life. The opposite to a sense of entitlement.

Optimism– to have a positive mind-set and an ability to think positively even when the odds seem daunting or others around you are negative.

Curiosity- to be interested in learning, finding out things,
asking questions, knowing why….

Listen to Paul tough on
Paul Tough: "How Children Succeed - The Hidden Power of Character ...

Pet Day
Another reminder that Pet Day is on Saturday 15th October this year. If anyone knows of a contact for orphan lambs, please let us now as we have a few parents looking for lambs.

End of Term Production
We have started work on our End of Term Production and will be needing people to help with costumes and set design work in the coming weeks. If you can spare a few hours please let us know. We hope this will be an extravaganza show-casing our students diverse and remarkable talents.
The final performance will be in the last week of term 3. This will also be the evening to farewell Penny as principal and show our appreciation for her years of service to the school.

Extra Tuition available
Teacher Aide, Mordechai Nathan, is available for extra tuition in Maths and other subjects. If you feel your child could benefit from extra tuition please phone Mordechai on 021 167 1460.

Lucky Book Club
The latest catalogue is with this newsletter. Please get orders in by next Wednesday 3rd August.

Have a good week, from Jean and the team…


TERM 3– 2016

T1  2/2- 15/4  =         98
T2  2/5 – 8/7 =          98
T3  25/7 -23/9 =       88
T4  10/10-19/12=  100
          Total      384              

Sport Waikato-
Gym Fun

BoT training.





 Teacher Only Day
Parent/Child/Teacher interviews.


BOT meeting
Zero Waste Education- Reduce, re-use, recycle and Litterless lunchboxes.
3:30 → Interviews cont.
Zero Waste Education-Day 2

3:30 → Interviews cont.



Cross Country at Whenuakite







TV Cross Country Whitianga
TV Cross Country Whitianga B/U day



Free Ear clinic- Whitianga Town carpark 8.30-12.30



TV Touch
Final dress rehearsal – afternoon.
TV Touch B/U day
Concert evening.

End of Term 3

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