Thursday, September 8, 2016

Newsletter, Term 3, Week 7

Hello and Kia ora tatou.

Upcoming Events
Wednesday 7th Sep
TV Cross Country
Good luck to all our runners today!
Tuesday 13th Sep
Paid Union Meeting
Wednesday 14th Sep
Vision Hearing
Thursday 22nd Sept
Performance and farewell for Miss Anderson
Friday 23rd Sep
Last day of term 3
Saturday 15th Oct
Pet Day

Paid Union Meeting
There is a paid union meeting on the afternoon of Tuesday 13th September.
We will still be open and Mrs. Lee will be here.
As nearly all the teachers from the surrounding schools will be attending the meeting, MBAS and Whenuakite are closing early and so the MBAS school bus will be running earlier.
If your child usually catches the Mercury Bay bus from Mill Creek Road, they will need to be collected. Our bus will be leaving school at 3.10pm as usual. Rice will do the Mill Creek Road run.

Bridge Hold Up
Thank you to all the parents who have put their hand up to help with the Bridge Hold-Up this Friday afternoon. This is an amazing fundraiser for our school which requires only a few hours work.

Concert Performance
The children have been working hard learning lines, songs and dances for the concert performance in the last week of term. Time is getting tight, so it would be great to have everyone here for rehearsals, unless absolutely necessary. If you can help your child learn their speaking parts (they all have scripts) or can help with costumes, please let us know.

Pet Projects
Most children who are rearing a lamb or calf for pet day now have their animals, but it is not too late! Information about our expectations for pet diaries or projects is coming home with this newsletter. The juniors have been writing about their pets at school and we can send home copies of their work to be added to over the holidays.

It will be helpful if you could let us know by the end of term what animals are coming to Pet Day, so that we can organise judges.

The Board of Trustees met last night. We are nearing the end of our training with Rob Naumann the statutory advisor working with the board. Our student achievement data now shows that most of our students are working at or above expectation in reading, writing and mathematics.  A few are just below but all have made progress and have the potential to meet the standard by the end of the year.
The next BOT meeting will be Monday 17 October, 3.30pm in the school library.

Scooters at School
A number of children have brought their scooters to school this week and we have been impressed with the sharing, co-operation and self-management that has been shown around their use. Please remember that they are not able to be transported on the bus for safety reasons. Similarly if you require your child to wear a helmet when using a scooter: send it with them and we will remind them to wear them.

Cell phones in School
We have had a few children bringing cell phones to school. It is school policy that if you require your child to have a cell phone at school, that it remains switched off and in their bag during the day. (If you prefer they may be kept in the office during the day.) Being in a rural area we acknowledge that children may need a phone for emergency situations, changes to travel plans etc. We do not accept responsibility for loss or damage to any expensive items children choose to bring to school.
Please inform staff if your child has a phone and discuss these conditions with your child so that they are not getting mixed messages. 
We will also be sending home our up-dated policy on cyber-safety and the agreement that needs to be signed by parents and children.

The Mystery of the Bike
This bike appeared at school over a week ago. Does anyone know who owns it? We are worried that the owner may have met with misfortune.


Have a good week,
from Jean and the team.

With special thanks to our sponsors:

Whitianga Pig Hunting Club


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