Thursday, March 30, 2017

Newsletter, Term 1, Week 9

Hello and Kia ora tatou.

Swimming Carnival
We are looking forward to showing our friends and whanau what we have learnt in the pool this season, and the weather forecast is showing a window of opportunity for our swimming carnival tomorrow.  If we need to postpone we will send a text message at 11am, otherwise we will start at 1.30pm. Everyone is welcome. See you there!

TVP Triathlon
The annual Thames Valley Primary Schools Triathlon is at Cooks Beach on Tuesday 4th April. This is for Y5-6 and Y7-8 children. Teachers have discussed this with the children at school. If they are interested in registering, this needs to be done by this Thursday, (tomorrow).

Vision and Hearing Testing
Friday 31st March June Gangley is coming to the school to do the annual vision and hearing test on all the 5 year old children. If you have concerns around your other child/rens vision and hearing you can request to have them seen to as well. For pre-schoolers, the free ear clinic will be in the main Whitianga car-park on Friday morning 8.30-12.30pm.

Across the River Swim – Year 7 & 8
This was postponed and will now be held next Friday 7th April. Whaea Shelley will be accompanying the group, let her know if you can help with transport and supervision.

Hahei Beach trip
Thank you to parents who helped with transport and were part of this fun activity at one of our local beaches. These days are invaluable for building relationships and providing language and learning experiences.



Friday Assembly

Awards went to Anahera, Jade, Slade, Meg and Vivienne; and Marika celebrated her 7th birthday.

Relievers next Monday
Miss Anderson and Mrs Lee will be manning the school next Monday 3rd April. The staff and several BOT members are going to observe Ngatea School where they are working in a modern learning environment along the lines of the style of learning environment we are trying to create here at Coroglen School.
Parent Teacher interviews
There are still a few spaces available if you have not made a time for your interviews yet. We would love to see you all to share your children’s achievements and discuss how we can work together to enable their learning.

Skateboarding Incident
We have had a broken wrist after a skateboarding fall this week. We are trying to minimize risks without being the fun police as we do believe children need the opportunity to challenge themselves physically and be active. We are supervising and putting in some boundaries and will continue to monitor this activity and review it in regards to safety.

Daylight savings ends
Daylight savings ends this weekend so remember to put your clocks back one hour before you go to bed on Saturday night. It is also a good time to change the batteries in your smoke alarms.

Accommodation Wanted: We have a small 
family with very good references looking for 
rental accommodation close to Coroglen.
 If you know of anything local please
 contact the school or Stevie Corcoran.

 Have a good week, from Jean and the team.
With special thanks to our sponsors:


Whitianga Pig Hunting Club

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