Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Newsletter, Term 2, Week 1

Hello and Kia ora tatou.
Welcome back to term 2. We hope you are all feeling rested and refreshed for another exciting term at school. We have school photos coming up this month, as well as our 121st Birthday and a trip to the fire station. Term 2 finishes on Friday 7th July.

We have started the term with a co-operative cross-curricula unit on CHANGE. The children have been working in groups on various activities with the aim of discovering more about themselves as learners, the learning styles they enjoy and their interests and strengths. The photos show some of the work produced already.

Working together to solve logical problems.

Using the natural environment

Music and drama

And working with words on page 4.
Ask your children what they have enjoyed so far this week.

Basketball Unit with Briar
Briar took the children through a basketball training session yesterday teaching them dribbling and passing skills. Briar also introduced us to Ayden who will be running the Project Energize programme in her absence. We wish Briar all the best with her new baby.

I am taking a group of senior children to a National Young Leaders Day in Hamilton next Monday. This is to develop leadership skills for their own personal growth as well as to benefit our school.

Project Energize
Briar will be making vegetable soup with the children next Tuesday. Could each child please bring a vegetable to add to our vegetable soup on Monday or Tuesday.
School Photos
Photolife Studio’s will be coming to our school on Monday 15th May to take individual and class photos. Each child will have a named order envelope. Please read these carefully and return them to school before photo day. If you are buying a class photo or photo pack, we will have a few spare envelopes at the office. An additional special envelope is required for family photos and these can be picked up from the office. (pre schoolers can be included in the family photos.)
BOT Meeting
Our next BOT meeting is on Monday 22nd May in the school library. All are welcome.

New Technology in our School
We were successful in our funding application to Pub Charities for $10,000. This is not as much as we applied for, so we will have to rethink our shopping list.
Pubertal Change Unit
On Tuesday 16th May the public health nurse is coming to do the pubertal change unit with our year 7 & 8 boys and girls. If you do not wish your child to participate, please send a note with your child to school. Nurse Margaret Briggs will be doing a follow up visit on Thursday 18th May.

Keeping Ourselves Safe
We will be having a Fire Wise session followed up by a visit to the fire station in week 3-4 of this term. This is part of our Keeping Ourselves Safe programme.

El Grego
Elgrego is visiting on Tuesday, 16th May and he will present his show in the morning at Whenuakite School. Elgrego is a Magician with an anti-bullying message. Please bring a coin donation and give to Classroom Teachers. We will be needing transport for the whole school, so if you can help out please complete and return the transport slip at the end of the newsletter. Sorry no pre schoolers are able to attend as Whenuakite School can not fit them in.

From Constable Catherine Sell – School Community Officer…
Welcome back from the school holidays! The sun shone and the fish were biting – life is good huh!

1st May is the start of Road Safety Week, although every week is, especially when our children are involved.

I will be visiting as many schools as possible this week to deliver road safety related items and messages to your children.  Please go over some of the rules you have in your family to keep them safe – around cycling, walking, crossing roads and getting on and off school buses.

Recently I have been asked to talk to children about ‘stranger danger’.  This is a term we avoid using now, mainly because sadly, most abusers are known to the child, and sometimes they need to ask a person they don’t know for help.

The Keeping Ourselves Safe programme which your child would have been taught within the past 2 years, gives children skills to identify how they feel if a situation or person makes them uncomfortable and what to do about it. Regardless of how big or small the matter is, it is important that they tell an adult that they trust what has happened. If a child discloses anything to you it is important that you listen to them, tell them you believe them and if necessary seek help from other sources.

Have a wonderful week,
from Jean and the team.
I can/cannot provide transport on Tuesday 16th May to Whenuakite School.
I have seats for __________ others plus my own child/ren.
I will be at the school ready to leave at 9am.

Signed: _____________________________________

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Change of leaves in Autumn
... in Autumn ... in Autumn
Change of leaves in Autumn
Leaves are turning brown... brown... brown.
Grass is growing green and long ... green and long ...
green and long.
Grass is growing green and long
Rain ... Rain ... Rain ...
Change of temperature ... temperature ... temperature.
Change of temperature
The air is very cool.


Cold wind
Plants grow
Leaves starting to fall
Trees are dying?
Not at all
Mushrooms are growing
Grape is dying
Flowers on the steps, dying back.



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