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Newsletter, Term 2, Week 2

Hello and Kia ora tatou.

National Young Leaders Day
A group of senior children travelled to the annual National Young Leaders Day in Hamilton on Monday to learn about unleashing their potential.
E kore au e ngaro he kakano I ruia mai I rangiatea – I am a seed born of greatness.
The day was based around the above whakatauki hearing from a variety of inspirational speakers who talked about how they have dealt with feeling like they have nothing to offer, how they sparked their ideas into life, how they created environments for growth and how they never lost sight of their dreams. Some of our responses:

Trina Tamati grew up in a big family. They were very good at sport and competitive but Trina Tamati wasn’t competitive. When she was 14 she had to get a job at Countdown. She realized that it was boring and then she got promoted for the CEO of the Auckland Nines. It is important to go with your interests. I really liked it and I would go again.  Riley-Jean Macdonald.
Alistair Davis is the CEO for Toyota. Their ads are so funny. When he started work he turned down jobs for himself to help others, like the first Mr. Toyota who started a company to make looms to help his mum make clot, then they changed to cars. Alistair Davis started working for Toyota from when it was a tiny Japanese company to now GLOBAL. We learnt that we are all seeds of greatness. Myah Hales.

Luti Richards is a poet.She did a poem about herself and her personality. Then she did another one and we had to repeat it but it was too long, she ran off the stage. Later she came back and apologized for freezing on stage and she did one about herself. She was probably saying that if you do something and you muck up you can try again. Moana Manukau

Nomad “Put your hands in the air! Now imagine there’s a mosquito between your hands and squash that mosquito!” Clap!
“Now do that twice! NOW DO THAT 400 TIMES!!!” said Christian Gallen, the male host of NYLD. “Nomad!!!”
Clap clap whistle, clap clap whistle, clap clap.
They walked on stage: Aasha, Will and Cullen, and introduced themselves. Nomad talked about how they had met in high school at age 14 andwent to university together and are now 19. At the end they performed two songs: You’re My Love and , my favourite, Oh My My. Awa Illingworth

Matt Brown is a hair artist, someone that makes art on hair or cool hairstyles. He was very inspirational. He talked about starting with nothing and having 8 siblings. He started in a shed with some clippers. He was saying to make do with what you have. Now he is sponsored and travels all around the world. Ben Warwood

Ben, Seth, Awa and Riley-Jean dabbing on the Thames Coast.
The children were great representatives of Coroglen School and enjoyed their day and I am sure what they learned will influence the choices that they make tomorrow and will grow into the amazing people that they already are.
School Photos
Photolife Studio’s will be coming to our school on Monday 15th May to take individual photos and a whole school photo. Envelopes are attached. Please read these carefully and return them to school before photo day. An additional special envelope is required for family photos and these can be collected from the staffroom. (pre schoolers can be included in the family photos.)

BOT Meeting
Our next BOT meeting is on Monday 22nd May in the school library. All are welcome.

Project Energize
The school was full of delicious aromas yesterday when Briar and Ayden helped the children make these yummy soups. It was a busy exciting session with the children tasting some of the vegetables raw before cutting them up for the different soups. Thank you to all of you who sent along veges and bread to help make our soup delicious and nutritious J Well done to those who stepped outside their comfort zone and tried something new.
Delicious and Nutritious
Mmmm, I smelt that when we were playing Tapowai. And then I had some leek and potato soup, delicious. There was broccoli and cauliflower and last but not least vegetable soup. I liked the leek and potato soup best.  Aria Macdonald.

We made soup. We did pumpkin soup, leek and potato soup and broccoli and cauliflower soup. While it cooked we played, so we could wait for the soup. When it was cooked we ate it. The leek and potato soup was the best and it was soooo good.  Isobel Warwood.
Yesterday we made soup.We made leek and potato soup, vegetable soup and broccoli and cauliflower soup. I had the leek and potato soup and the vegetable soup. My favourite soup was the leek and potato soup.                       Mickey Brajkovich.

On soup day we made leek and potato soup, it was the best. We also made vegetable soup. It was yum but the leek and potato soup was better. We made a broccoli and cauliflower but I didn’t get to try it.
Samantha-Rose Morgan.

El Grego
Elgrego is visiting next Tuesday, 16th May and he will present his show in the morning at Whenuakite School. We still do not have enough transport for this trip! Please fill out and return the tranposrt slip at the end of this newsletter if you are able to help.
Elgrego is a Magician with an anti-bullying message. Please bring a coin donation and give to Classroom Teachers. Sorry no pre schoolers are able to attend as Whenuakite School can not fit them in.

Stationery Accounts
Stationery accounts for last term will come home next week. Lawns fees are not included on the stationery accounts. These are payable to the school $30 per child or $60 for a family.

A word from Greenspot Guardians….

Exploration permits have now been GRANTED to Ocean Gold. Permits granted across Kuaotunu, behind Whitianga, across Whenuakte (green area, green stripes pending, red is prospecting).
For more information speak to Kale Webster or check out the Green Spot facebook page:
Winter Sports
If there are any parents who can help with Hockey and Soccer please let us know as we are now training for our Winter Sports Day on Tuesday 4th July.

Keeping Ourselves Safe We will be having a Fire Wise session followed up by a visit to the fire station in week 3-4 of this term.
This is part of our Keeping Ourselves Safe programme.

Mothers Day
Wishing all of you a wonderful Mothers’ Day this Sunday.
Have a wonderful week,
from Jean and the team.

I can/cannot provide transport on Tuesday 16th May to Whenuakite School.
I have seats for __________ others plus my own child/ren.
I will be at the school ready to leave at 9am.
Signed: _____________________________________

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