Wednesday, July 6, 2011


School Reports - Next week is the last week of school for term 2. We will be sending reports home at the end of next week. We will be available to discuss these with you next term.

Whenuakite Red Panthers-Go Girls Netball Team

clip_image002The girls played Coromandel this week & did really well. Unfortunately Coromandel won but our girls had some great combinations.

Player of the Day: Hannah Parry

Best & Fairest:Gracey Robbins

Whangamata tournament on Wednesday, practice Thursday & we're going to Coromandel on Saturday. Yeh, it will be fun. We're having a little celebration for Nicolle's birthday after netball on Saturday in Coromandel. Sorry you won't be there Katie.

Sparkz Netball Team - Year 6/7

Go Sparkz!! Another great game girls! Congratulations on a fantastic game against Manaia in Coromandel with a win 26/12.

Player of the Day: Tayla Martin Free

Runner-Up Player of the Day: Bonnie Bonnar

Just a reminder to be ready for the Whangamata netball tournament, we are meeting at Whenuakite School at 7.30am on Wednesday morning, please don't be late!


Mercury Bay 5th Grade Rugby

Mercury Bay 5th Grade Junior Rugby Team lost to Thames 30-0 Angus Arthur won forward of the day and James Hunter got back of the day.


Mercury Bay 6th Grade Rugby

The 6th grade team lost to Paeroa by quite a large margin. The best forward of the day was Antonio Rupeti Anderson and the back of the day was Christian Fletcher, while Dane Mathews was judged best and fairest player by the Paeroa team.

FUNDRAISING LUCKY LOTTO – We still have ten numbers left to sell. We will be starting this weekend so watch out for the bonus number to win.

BUGSY MALONE – Thanks to everyone who helped with transporting the school to MBAS for their dress rehearsal. It was a compelling show with a certain Coroglen graduate taking a starring role as “Fat Sam” and another playing a very convincing gangster. I also believe we had a dancer in the ranks. The costumes were fabulous and everyone looked as though they were enjoying themselves.

Winter Sports – Friday 8th of July

The Combined Country Schools Winter Sports Start at 10am, finish at 2pm. (Assemble at 9.45am) (Leave at 2.15pm after a quick award ceremony and farewell))

The games are: Football, Rippa Rugby, Netball, Uni Hockey, Inside Games.

No lunchtime but teams will have 3 free rounds.

All teams will play 5 games.

Football, Netball and Rippa rugby 7 aside but numbers may be evened up on the day if teams are short of players or have too many. Subs can be used as required. Uni hockey is best with 5 aside but the game is fast and players will be ready to be subbed.

The inside games are Connect 4, Draughts, Noughts and Crosses, Snap.

Each round is 30 minutes. 10 minute halves, 2 minute change over at half time, 8 minutes between rounds. (Inside games are continual. Players play as many games as they can against different players on the other team. They can chose which games to play and as many as they can fit in.)

Each team should have a parent manager.

Referees/umpires will have one game on, one game off. We have 10 referees but if you would like to give any of them a spell, please let them know.

Points – Each team will have a score card that will be filled in at the end of each game. A running total of points will be kept on a whiteboard, during the day.

Win = 3, Draw = 2, Loss = 1.

Jamie Marsden, Principal of Whenuakite School is going to make his decision tomorrow after consulting with the weather gurus.

Have a safe and happy week and bon voyage to those travelling to see relatives during the holiday break.

Website of the Week


The wickED website has many opportunities for New Zealand children to enjoy learning through quizzes, activities and topic based games and activities. There are activities in Maori and English. I highly recommend this site to all.

If you are concerned about your child on the “Net” this site has some handy hints on what questions to ask and advice on staying safe in the online environment -