Tuesday, September 2, 2014

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Hello / Kia Ora

My daughter has been getting abusive texts and someone is posting awful stuff about her online. She won’t tell me who they are. How can I help her put a stop to it?
Online networks and texting have become a major vehicle for bullying. Cyberbullying.org.nz informs parents, teachers and young people and empowers them with a course of action – what to do if you’re being harassed or bullied, what parents or caregivers can do. There are online videos available for schools to use in.

Thames Valley Cross Country
Congratulations to all of the runners who took part in the Thames Valley Cross Country race at Whitianga last Wednesday.
It was a cold showery morning but the competition was inspiring. Everyone ran their hearts out against the most talented long distance runners in the Thames Valley area.

Stationery accounts
Last month 17 accounts went out and only three were paid. Our school is a small rural school and does rely on the lawns fees and stationery accounts to be paid by parents so ministry money can be used for school resources that all the children benefit from. Payments by instalments are gratefully accepted or if it is easier online banking is also available. Our bank details are: Coroglen School Board of Trustees – 03-1578-0036880-00. Please use your surname as the reference.

Onesie Day
Senior room trip
We are planning to go to Waitomo Caves for the senior room trip next term and I would like to forewarn parents so you can start saving some money towards the trip. We hope to have an estimate amount of the trip shortly.

This 3D diorama of the water cycle in a rainforest was completed by Hayley and Shontel as a follow up to the visit by Zerowaste this term.

Daffodil Day

The combined school worked together to produce a bright colourful giant poster of a daffodil which was displayed at New World behind the daffodil ladies. A donation of about $60 was also collected and donated to cancer research.
Special mention goes to Caitlyn Hodge who did the ice bucket challenge recently and brought her $10 along to donate to cancer research – Thank you Caitlyn

Jump Rope 4 Heart
Jump Rope For Heart is a great way of getting kids active; making them aware of issues surrounding heart disease and it is an easy way to raise funds for an important organisation. Once again we are seeking sponsorship from people you know to support your child’s participation in the Skip-a-thon challenge on Wednesday 24th September. A fundraising envelope and sponsorship form is attached for each child.

Coroglen Collective
Marketplace in Whitianga is a permanent indoor market open 7 days a week. There is a small weekly charge which includes rent, power, eftpos and advertising – you are not required to be there as other people will do the selling for you. If any parents are interested in forming a Coroglen Collective to sell handmade products please contact Lisa on 866 3222 or 027 212 4999.

Fundraising – Hi everyone, as we have a couple of school events coming up that offer us the opportunity to raise some money for the school, we would like to have a meeting so we can plan ahead. We really would like everyone to chip in and do their bit, so that the load is spread around, not just left for Fiona and a couple others to do all of the work. So please mark your calendars and come down after school on Thursday 4th Sept so we can make some decisions and hopefully get some new ideas flowing. Hope to see you all there tomorrow - Amy

What do you think of ERO's parent booklets?
The Education Review Office (ERO) publishes a series of five booklets for parents and caregivers. We want to find out how useful the information is to parents, how the booklets can be improved, and if parents would prefer to receive the information in a different way.
We're starting with a survey of How is my child gong? to take part in the survey go to www.ero.govt.nz - Featured Publications. The survey runs until the end of September and only takes a few minutes to complete.
Meanwhile if you would like a copy of one of the booklets email info@ero.govt.nz

Have a fantastic week!
 Penny and the Team

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