Thursday, June 25, 2015

Newsletter, Term 2, Wk 10

Hello / Kia Ora

Winter Sports – Y4-8
Congratulations to the year 4-5 team who won everything they played.
They played a phenomenal game of netball. Player of the day went to Sophia-Marie Barakat Adlam for sharing the ball with her team mates and letting Seth shoot some of the goals. Well Done! Our Y6-8 team tried their hardest but were unable to come away with as many points. Some great tries in rippa were scored by Caitlyn and Christina. Bianca scored our goal in the Hockey…and where would we be without the Melde boys… Hopefully we will have some picture for next week’s newsletter.

People Basics First Aid Training
We are very fortunate to have the opportunity for the senior class students to complete their People Savers basic first aid training next Monday 29th June. During the course students will learn their DRSABC, how to call for help, how to respond to broken bones, poisons, and burns and scalds. Please send a gold coin donation to cover costs.

Term two ends
Last day of term 2 is next Friday 3rd July. School resumes on Monday 20th July.

Education Review Office (ERO) visit
Thank you to the parents who came last week to talk to the Education Reviewers. We expect the draft report to be here in 20 working days and the public report to be final after 40 working days.

Good Sort of Sport
Behind every sports team are the unsung heroes who volunteer every week to coach, referee, drive the team bus or cut the oranges. People who are just ‘good sorts’ who get stuck in. Now is a chance for your school or sports club to recognise them and you could win $10,000 towards sports gear for your school or sports club – for competition trms and conditions visit

 Well Being @ School Student Survey – June 15
We were heartened to read the responses of the children to the following survey. Our children feel supported and safe in our school environment.
                                                                                          Strongly               Disagree               Agree                    Strongly
                                                                                          Disagree                                                                           Agree

1.      I feel I belong at school.                                1                            5                            8                            5
2.      Everyone knows the school rule
about behaviour .                                           0                            3                            8                            5
3.      At school, we celebrate the good
things students do.                                        0                            3                            6                            7
4.      Teachers and students care about
each other.                                                       0                            1                            11                          4
5.      Teachers are interested about my
Culture or family background.                   0                            7                            6                            3
6.      I feel safe at school.                                        0                            0                            12                          4
7.      I always feel safe when going to
or from school.                                                0                            4                            11                          1
8.      Everyone thinks our school values
are important.                                                 0                            1                            9                            6
9.      Behaviours like hitting or bullying
are not OK at school.                                     0                            0                            3                            13
10.   At school, everyone knows what to do
if someone is being hurt or bullied           0                            2                            9                            5
11.   Students have a say in what happens
in school.                                                           0                            2                            10                          4
12.   Our school wants us to get on with
Students from other cultures
or backgrounds.                                              1                            1                            6                            8
13.   The buildings and play areas are
looked after at the school.                           0                            3                            7                             6
14.   Teachers think all students can do well.  0                            1                            6                            9
15.   Teachers treat students fairly.                    0                            1                            8                            7
16.   Teachers often notice when students
help each other.                                               1                            0                            11                          4
17.   Teachers always behave how they
would like us to behave.                                0                            0                            11                          5
18.   Teachers make learning interesting.          0                            4                            9                            3
19.   Teachers always take action if someone
Is being hit or bullied.                                     0                            1                            6                            9
20.   Teachers care about how I feel.                   0                            1                            10                          5
21.   Teachers always treat each other with
Respect.                                                                0                            0                            7                            9
22.   Teachers get on well with students from
Different cultures and backgrounds.          0                            0                            11                          5
23.   Teachers ask for our ideas about how
Students can get on better.                            1                            1                            11                          3

This is a great reflection of our School culture. Well done everyone. Our students feel safe and secure in the knowledge that their well-being and learning are proprieties at Coroglen School.

Have a fantastic week
Penny and the team                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               


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