Thursday, May 26, 2016

Newsletter, Term 2, Wk 3

Hello / Kia Ora

120 years of Schooling at Coroglen
We will be celebrating the school’s 120th Birthday this Friday 20th May from 1.30pm.
The teachers will be dressing up in different era costumes and the children are most welcome to do the same.
The fun sports afternoon starts at 1.30pm. We will also have the BBQ sparked up with sausages and the fundraising committee will be organising the birthday cake.
There are more planned events throughout the year to celebrate 120 years of schooling at Coroglen.

School Photos
Following a parent request, this year we decided to return to one whole school photo instead of the separate classes. Many families have children in both rooms and the staff work in both also. We hope this does not inconvenience others.

The election voting forms were posted out over the weekend, so please expect them to arrive in your letter boxes from today onwards. The election closes on Friday 27th May at noon. Please take the time to read the candidate statements and vote for up to five nominees.
You can only vote using the special coloured voting forms, no duplicates, faxes or emails will be accepted.

Speed Camera
The speed camera will be situated outside the school once again. This is monitored by TCDC and is done twice a year. TCDC have had no issues in the past with the findings from these results.

Donations for Fijian Schools
Mrs Lee has brought a couple of big plastic containers to fill with any books, stationery, art supplies and  games to go to remote Fijian schools who have lost or damaged school supplies from the recent cyclone. It is a good time to clean out the rooms for a good cause.

Fundraising Committee Meeting
Next Tuesday 24th May after school in the library. All welcome.

Asthma management
If your child has moderate to severe Asthma we need to have a management plan in place at school. The Public Health Nurse can help us with this. If you feel your child is in this category please get in touch to arrange a time.

New Water Tank Upgrade
The new water tank upgrade was completed last week. A big THANK YOU to Sonny Browne who donated his time and equipment, to prepare the site for the new tank.

New Principal’s appointment
We have started the process for the principal’s appointment. This will however be a long process as we want to get this right. We value your input as well, so will be asking about your vision for the school and the attributes and qualities you would like to see in our new principal to drive this vision. We will, as well be asking our children and the local community. This Friday will be a good opportunity to speak to our board members and teachers, and share your ideas. Thanks to the parents who completed the survey and to Michelle for compiling the results. A summary is included below.

 Parent Survey Summary
Information for parents and carers:
Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s survey. On behalf on the Board of Trustees and Teachers of Coroglen School we appreciate and value your input. It’s important that you as parents and caregivers are informed with how the school is progressing and are involved in the decisions made that affect the environment in which your child is learning.

On a whole we are very pleased with your responses with the majority of answers in the positive Agree / Highly Agree region, although that doesn’t mean there’s not room for improvement. The lowest Middle / Disagree region was based around school involvement and input into important school decisions.

As you know we have a very significant year ahead of us with the Board of Trustees going to elections and the all-important process of obtaining a new Principal after 18 years. This is where you as part of the Coroglen School Community can be involved.

Voting papers and profiles for Board of Trustee nominees have been sent out. Please take the time to consider and vote for who you believe will be a beneficial strength to our school.
We will also be asking about your vision for the school and what characteristics and values you would like to see in our new Principal.
These choices are fundamental in keeping our school present, dynamic and robust, and your contribution is important.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” — Nelson Mandela


Have a good week, from Jean and the team…

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