Thursday, May 26, 2016

Newsletter, Term 2, Wk 4

Hello / Kia Ora

 120 years of Schooling at Coroglen
Thank you to everyone who came along on Friday to celebrate with us 120 years of schooling at Coroglen. Thank you to The Coroglen Tavern for donating the wonderful birthday cake pictured above and the fund-raising group for doing the sausage sizzle.

Coroglen School children celebrate 120 years of schooling with a dress up day and fun games afternoon.

Team building skills during Island-to-island.

Made it to the island.

Riley-Jean is ready to lead her team in the “egg-and spoon race.”

There has been a mix up with the final day of voting. Some people have been told the final day is on Friday 27th May, and some have been told it is today. We have decided to extend it to 12 noon Friday 27th May for those who have been told this. Please return your voting papers to school asap.

Donations for Fijian Schools
Thank you to Kale Webster for donating books and toys to go to remote Fijian schools. The plastic container will be at the school until it is full.

Assembly moves back to Friday
As swimming has ended, we have decided to move assembly back to Friday afternoons from 2.30pm. This is our opportunity to share with parents.

New Time Table
We have also decided to trial a new time table where the children will get two 40 minute breaks during the day. The amount of classroom and break time remains unaltered but will be reorganised to two 40 minute recess periods. This is because most children are eating a substantial amount at morning play time and will give them time to also run around and play. New morning tea break will start at 10.40am to 11.20am. Lunch break will be from 12.50pm to 1.30pm.

Water Leak
Ross from Eco Plumbing has identified a leak in the water line which is the likely cause of ongoing problems with our water pump. We are currently working on locating the leak, hence the hole beside the driveway.

Continuing Care Visit
The senior room children will be entertaining the residents at Continuing Care on Monday 13th June at 11am.  A transport slip will come home in next week’s newsletter if you are able to provide transport. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to perform to an audience and the residents at Continuing Care thoroughly enjoy our visits.

Fund Raising meeting
A brief meeting was held with a couple of the Fund-raising team last night to look at the draft policy (which is attached to this newsletter) and brain storm events and projects. Your feedback on the draft policy is invited.

Thank you to the parents who helped provide transport and extra car booster seats last week to get our children to Whenuakite School to hear Elgrego’s anti-bullying message as well as watch his magic act. Our very own Valo assisted Elgrego in one of his acts as pictured below.

Do you know how Elgrego was able to levitate and float unaided?  The adults in the audience were most impressed as well as the children.

Many thanks too, to Mr Marsden and Whenuakite School for inviting us to the performance.

Welcome back to Sashka and Oliver Highway, who returned to Coroglen today. It’s lovely to have you both back.

Have a good week, from Jean and the team…

Coroglen School Fundraising Team Policy – DRAFT

Rationale: The Fundraising Team has an important role in raising money that will benefit the school and its children, and can serve the school community by arranging events that encourage unity and harmony.

1.      To organise fundraising which will supplement the school’s operational bulk grant. This will allow the purchase of specific items of equipment resources or services.
2.      To organise activities in such a way that social or financial returns reflect the time committed by the members, i.e. the activities embarked upon should be cost effective.
3.      To foster goodwill by organising social events which bring the school and community together.

1.      The committee will set a calendar of events with their fundraising targets each February, and will meet regularly throughout the year. The annual general meeting should take place before the end of August.
2.      The election of officers and committee members will be at the AGM. The office holders will be elected by the committee, to consist of Chairperson, Secretary/Treasurer.
3.      A BOT member will attend each Fundraising Team meeting. This liaison will allow the committee and the trustees to work with a common purpose. The BOT member will also act as liaison with staff.
4.      Meetings are to follow parliamentary guidelines with the keeping of accurate minutes, correspondence, treasurer’s report and general business.
5.      The Fundraising Team will consult and seek approval from the BOT for each year’s proposed fundraising ventures.
6.      Internal controls of finance should be established to ensure that any errors or irregularities are discovered quickly. These controls will include
a.       The operation of cashbook accounting system.
b.      Two signatures to be required on every check. Only the chairperson and secretary/treasurer to have signing authority.
c.       Accounts payable being approved at meetings before payment. Cheques must be written out before the second signature is added.
d.      Receipts being presented for reimbursement.
e.       A treasurer’s report being present at each meeting.
7.       The committee working account should hold not more than $1,000. Sums in excess of this should be passed to the school. The school shall keep records which will accurately show all sums received from the fundraising committee and all items on which that money has been spent.
8.      The Fundraising Team will provide the BOT annually with a statement of audited accounts.
9.      A report on each fundraising event is to be made to the school community
10.  Any sponsors will be thanked and promoted.

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