Thursday, December 15, 2016

Newsletter, Term 4, Wk 9

Hello and Kia ora tatou.

Christmas Parade
What a fantastic day we had on Saturday at the Santa Parade. Our float was looking very summery and the children did a wonderful job. Thank you to all the parents who were able to help out with decorating the float, especially Michelle Harper and The Coroglen Tavern for supplying the truck for the float. Mrs Anderson was there watching and thought we all looked fantastic.

Plans for 2017
We will be installing a new septic system and if the consents go through in time this may happen in January!
There are also planned renovations of our indoor learning spaces. We hope to open up the rooms to utilise the journal and maths store-rooms as work/study spaces. Plans are still to be finalised but we are sure these improvements will enhance learning in our school by creating more modern learning environments.
We are also planning on using more vertical groupings school wide, based on learning needs. We have a large group of children in the middle years –Y4-Y6, and so will not be having a standard Senior class and Junior class but we will be working with groups of students across the school. We will have a literacy block and a maths block when all three teachers plus teacher aide are working with students and some are working independently. Regardless of which space you are working in and which teacher you are working with, you will still be a Year 4 or Year 6 etc. In line with this idea we are thinking of re-naming the rooms, so please get creative and send along your suggestions.
As part of the plan we also want to improve our ICT/digital capabilities. Seba is applying for funding from the Lotteries Commission for chrome books, i-pads, flat screen TVs and a better screen for the data projector. Another key component to the plan is the new teacher – applications for the vacancy close on 12th December. We are looking for someone who is capable of working with all year groups as part of a collaborative team. If you have questions about your own children please come and talk to us. We will also be doing a short presentation at the leavers’ evening.

Stationery Accounts and Environment Donation
Some families have asked for our bank details so they can internet bank their lawns fees and stationery. It is Westpac 03-1578-0036880-00 Lawns fees are set at $30 per student, maximum $60 per family. If you need your stationery account resent, please let us know.

Library Books
Please check at home for any library books, journals and instructional readers as we are now doing the end of year stocktake. These need to be returned as soon as possible.

Affco NZ Ltd donation
The school received a donation from AFFCO NZ Ltd. Thank you to Graeme Menzies who has nominated our school to receive the proceeds from AFFCO’s 2016 bobby calf cash for schools programme.

When the school did the BBQ fundraiser at the Coroglen Farmers Market, we also had five enterprising girls who baked cookies, muffins, did face painting and busked earning half their camp fees in one day. Pictured are Awa, Isobel and Heather (Myah and Clara were the other team members).

The face painters’ handywork.

Walk Through Christmas
Thank you to all the parents who helped with transport and supervision. Thank you also to the Combined Churches who organised the Walk Thru Christmas.

It’s beginning to look a bit like Christmas in the Junior room.

Senior Room
The seniors have had a fantastic camp. Many thanks to Jenny and the parents who have helped out – without your support these activities are not possible. And as usual the wonderful people at Countdown supermarket have donated a substantial amount of the food for the hungry campers.
Often camp is a time when children learn a lot about themselves and their peers. They are asked to meet physical, social and emotional challenges, testing themselves and developing resilience, perseverance and co-operation.

Waihi Beach – Surf Lifesaving beach education programme.

Onsie night – Sleep-over in the library

Time to cool off and take a rest after biking or hiking to the end of the Rangihau Road.

Camp mothers serving breakfast.

And the happy campers are off to Buffalo Beach today. Well done team.

Leavers Evening
Leavers Evening is next Friday 16th December from 6.30pm in the school library. We have presentations to make for our Year 8 leavers and to Miss Anderson as well as the usual achievement awards and acknowledgements. The children are rehearsing musical items to perform. Please bring a plate of finger food for a shared supper afterwards.

School Picnic Day
We have decided to hold the school picnic on Tuesday 20th December at the Coroglen Bridge swimming hole from 10am. Children know the rules when swimming at this spot, please be cautious. We will be putting up gazebos for shade. Bring what you need for a picnic day together. Parents are expected to supervise their own children during the day, or arrange another responsible adult.

The rotten cladding is being replaced on the library building and should be finished by the end of the week.

Have a good week, from Jean and the team.
With special thanks to our sponsors:

Whitianga Pig Hunting Club

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