Thursday, March 16, 2017

Newsletter, Term 1, Week 7

Hello and Kia ora tatou.

Lucky Book Club
Brochures for Lucky Book Club are with this newsletter. We would like to remind you to please write your order using a biro, not a pencil as this is hard to read. Make sure the 3-digit item number is filled out. If you are writing a cheque, please make it out to Scholastic NZ Ltd. If there is cash in your order,  seal it in an old envelope.

BOT Meeting
Our next BOT meeting is on Monday 20th March at 3.30pm in the school library. All are welcome.

Vision and Hearing
Friday 31st March June Gangley is coming to the school to do the annual vision and hearing test on all the 5 year old children. If you have concerns around your other child/rens vision and hearing you can request to have them seen to as well.
ICT Agreements
We still have a couple of agreements still to come! The agreement shows they understand the rules and agree to be safe and sensible when online.
They also agree to be respectful and mindful of the equipment they are using.

Bus Agreements
We have had to move a few people around again on the bus as a result of parent requests. As you can imagine it is difficult to keep everybody happy but we do our best to ensure all the children have a safe and enjoyable ride.

Beach trip
We are now going to try for Thursday 23rd March. If you can still help with transport on this day please let us know.
There will be no snorkeling but we will swim if the conditions are suitable

 Swimming Carnival
We are hoping to have our swimming carnival on Thursday 30th March. Come along from 1.30pm to watch what the children can do in the pool.

Friday Awards

Congratulations to Isobel, for great work in Maths; Valo, for a helpful attitude; Jasper for self-management and completing tasks on time; and Luciano, for effort and improvement in writing.

Hinekirunga, Meg, Marika, Awa and Isobel also presented the poem and models they made of  ‘The Crocodile” at  last week’s assembly.

Project Energize
Briar has dropped off some more fridge magnets. These ones focus on healthier options for our children instead of the more popular takeaways. It is interesting to see the difference in fat between a chicken sub and burger combo!

And she will be here on Thursday to do lessons around healthy lunch box options Pro-Joe’s Lunchbox.

Our Magical Visitor was here to entertain and amaze us! Ask your children how they enjoyed it and what happened next!

Have a good week, from Jean and the team.
With special thanks to our sponsors:

Whitianga Pig Hunting Club

Parent Teacher interviews
Because of the school closures last week due to the weather we haven’t finished our testing and assessment so we are going to have to delay the parent teacher interviews another week. They will now be in weeks 9 and 10 of this term. (Mon 27th March – Fri 7th April)
Please indicate which day/s of the week and times would suit you so we can organize interview times.

Mon 27th     
Wed  29th     
Thur 30th     
After 3pm



Student/s: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Parent/whanau: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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